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Many people like trading foreign currencies on the foreign exchange forex market because it requires the least amount of capital to start day trading. Forex trades 24 hours a day during the week and offers a lot of profit potential due to the leverage provided by forex brokers. Forex trading can be extremely volatile, and an inexperienced trader can lose substantial sums. The following scenario shows the potential, using a risk-controlled forex day trading strategy. Every successful forex day trader manages their risk; it is one of, if not the most, crucial elements of ongoing profitability.

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Ifundtraders forex converter

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We provide a carefully structured Trader Advancement Program that will increase the capital that you can trade as you demonstrate consistent profitability. There is no cap on the levels that can be achieved, so your potential revenue is virtually unlimited. Many traders do better from the comfort and solitude of their own homes. To become an iFundTraders graduate, you must satisfactorily complete the following two phases of training:.

This is the program that has produced the largest number of trading successes for iFundTraders. Phase II: Simulated Trading Mode — This is the phase in which each trader is given a simulated trading account, complete with real, live market data with which to perfect the trading tactics and sophisticated strategies taught in the Master Trader Program.

Upon successfully advancing to level 4 of our Trader Advancement Table, the trader is then eligible to become a true professional trader with a funded account at our preferred trading firm. This in effect makes the entire program free for those who progress.

Monthly trading profit checks are dispersed each month following the one in which they were generated. As an example, profits earned during the month of January would be paid no later than the 20th of February. However, this increase will always be granted based on your trading performance. In our structured program, the professional trader in Phase III earns greater and greater exposure to more capital. As most traders know, the bigger the buying power, the bigger the potential profits.

Some traders have developed a consistency that fosters very few losing days during each month, with account swings that are nearly nonexistent. Part-time traders often grow into some of our best traders. First of all, their growth and development as professional traders happen in smaller, more digestible periods. Secondly, the lessons learned are steady and the part-time nature of their trading reduces the risk of being overloaded and overwhelmed with too much at one time.

Some of the best full-time traders today began as part-time traders first. As iFundTraders students, you will be allowed to retake all the education provided free of charge. There is never an additional fee for education, which makes our program very powerful and forever rewarding. In fact, iFundTraders encourages traders to take the full training program no less than three times.

Some have taken it as many as five times. Once you fully graduate and are inducted into our trading organization as a professional trader, you are a part of our family of traders. Your education and nurturing will never end as iFundTraders will continue to mentor you for as long it takes to make you a more successful trader.

Access to the iFT Online Trading Room, where we discuss, train, and educate traders daily, on how to consistently pull profits from the markets, in a real live market environment. Access to the paid iFT Online Training Room, where we discuss, train, and educate traders daily, on how to consistently pull profits from the markets, in an online classroom type of environment. Access to the iFT Online Support Room, where we provide technical support to all traders, using our proprietary platforms.

Access to Platform Download, and training videos for the platforms, which was developed by our top instructors, specifically for our traders. Members receive immediate access to these proprietary offerings upon payment; rendering refund or cancelation requests invalid once Program Services have been established. Please see more detail description of these scripts in their corresponding section in this chapter.

To cancel the trade without placing it: start the ift Cancel trade setup. This feature makes it somewhat easier to follow-up a currency pair in stalking mode. Trade Example once you have the ift ATMS PRO active on the chart, with the desired settings set or loaded via a preset , starting a trade with the ift Buy at PrevBar s High Break script is easy, and illustrated in the following trade example, step-by-step.

Please see there for further details. In Fixed lots mode, the user can also press no in order to adjust the lot-sizes for the trade entry BEFORE placing the trade, as was previous described in Chapter 4. Also note that on the chart, the entry is marked with a P. In order to see more clearly the pending order location and where the orders were filled, the time frame of the chart above can be changed to the 1min, as can be seen below: ift ATMS Pro User Manual Manual updated: May 30, This script shares many of its features with the scripts described in detail above: Chapter 4.

Chapter : ift Cancel Trade Setup The ift Cancel Trade Setup can be used to cancel setting up a trade entry with one of the ift Buy or ift sell scripts in fixed lot modes, when adjusting the lot-sizes during the trade setup. Please see example 2 in Chapter 4. You should see the following dialog box: Figure After pressing F7 in Step 2 above Many of the settings relevant to the current trade would change the behavior of the ift ATMS PRO appropriately even if changed during an active trade.

Please see Chapter 7. Another alternative is to proceed to step 3, and just press o. Step 3 Once the settings have been changed, press O. Even if none of the settings were changed, pressing O. Please see Chapter 5. Chapter : ift Close All Pending Orders The ift Close All Pending Orders script closes all the pending orders buy stop, buy-limit, sell stop, and sell limit in the current account. It does not close the open orders. Other user defined objects on the charts would not be affected unless given an object name similar to the objects created by the ift ATMS, which would be extremely unlikely event unless done so intentionally.

Chapter : ift Execute Trade The ift Execute Trade is used to execute a trade after setting up a trade entry with one of the ift Buy or ift sell scripts in fixed lot modes, when adjusting the lot-sizes during the trade setup. Please see the discussions above e. Please see the corresponding ift Add scripts descriptions above for further details. When off, it will not draw such arrows and lines.

Chapter : ift toggle labels on-off Will change the labels LED on and off. When on, the ift ATMS will draw labels on the chart when opening or closing positions. When off, it will not draw such labels. For example, enter the trade on the 1hr chart, but then set the ATMS to trail the positions based on the 15min chart. To do so, once the trade is started, change the time frame on the chart to the desired time-frame of the trail, and then run the "ift Trail to Current Time Frame".

When done, an alert would be displayed that the time-frame of the trail has been changed, and also the trailing time-frame of the trade in the console would be updated to the new time-frame: ift ATMS Pro User Manual Manual updated: May 30, Figure Chapter 5. Minimized mode. Medium 4. When there is no trade, the LED is blinking in aqua color as can be seen in the figures above When there is an active trade being managed, the LED is blinking in light-green color as can be seen in the figures above.

Chapter 5. The Completed Trade tab, which displays information about the last completed trade including the number of pips gained or loss for each of the positions, and the total profit or loss for that trade in US dollars. Each of these scripts can be assigned a keyboard hotkey for quick activation. Fixed Lot sizes mode. Fixed R-value mode.

When starting a trade, regardless of the number of pips from the entry to the stop-loss, the lot sizes of the different positions remains fixed. They can then be further increased or decreased by using the corresponding ift ATMS add and subtract scripts as described in Chapter 4. Chapter 6. The R-value and percent allocation for each of the positions can be entered in the ift ATMS Pro expert advisor settings.

Trading with fixed R-value is an essential component of money management of any professional trader. Money management techniques, and the use of R-value can be further learned at the ifundtraders courses, seminars and trading rooms.

New with version 2. The default is R value settings of 0. In such a case, every time a trade is started the ATMS will check the account balance at the time the trade is started, and then set the R value for the individual trade as the percentage of the account value. Chapter 7. Many of the settings relevant to the current trade would change the behavior of the ift ATMS PRO appropriately even if changed during an active trade.

When in the Prop account mode, the ATMS will automatically limit new orders placed, to the maximum number of lots allowed in the ifundtraders advancement table. Please note the WealthTrader FX Pro platform counts pending orders as open orders when considering the number of lots available for new orders this is so, even when trying to place the trades manually, and not via the ATMS.

Number can be from 0 to Section D: Bar-by-Bar settings Please consult the ifundtraders manual to learn more about the ifundtraders propriety bar-bybar trail strategy. This number of pips would be used to define a bar break, when there is a penetrating bar of the 8SMA.

Note the SL would only move to decrease the risk of the position. X can be a negative number, zero or a positive number. Similarly when running the script sell at previous bar s low, if for any position the Bid price is more than X pips below the previous bar low, than that entry would be cancelled.

Similarly, X defines the number of pips the Bid price has to be below the previous bar s low in order to be considered a bar break for the ift Sell at PBL script. It is not recommended to make this number less than 3.

It is not recommended to make this number less than 5. DisplaySpread: true or false. Set to true to display the spread under the console. For example: if in the following trade Figure initiating the "ift Buy at LineBreak" script in fixed lots mode the SL is moved further down, and the risk of the trade exceeds the specified percentage of the total daily loss, then the label of the risk changes to red as can be seen in Figure Risk of trade exceeds the percent of Max daily loss specified.

Please see Chapter 10 Sending automatic on trade completion for more details. Obviously, the ATMS needs to be running on the chart with access to the server in order for it to be able to do so. Only future trades would be marked on the chart.

UseLabels: set to true to have the ift ATMS Pro put labels on the chart to mark: market buy orders, market sell orders, pending buy and sell orders, pending orders filled, closing of positions. The default is to display the R-value in the console. When set to "false", the R value would not be displayed in the console. These labels move automatically during the trade as the stop-loss changes. This allows the user to better visualize the TP1 level, where that level is used in other ways, such as moving the SL of SMA position or the rest of the positions.

LabelTextColor: the text color of the labels marking the opening and closing of the positions. LabelBackgroundColor: the background color of the labels marking the opening and closing of the positions. LabelFontSize: the font size used for the labels marking the opening and closing of the positions. SpreadLabelColor: the color used for the spread indicator. OpenConsole: when set to true, when the ift ATMS is in minimized mode, it would automatically open to full mode in small size , when in an active trade.

In order to have these labels visible on the screen, make sure that the Chart Shift is selected. If set to false, the labels would be displayed to the left of the current bar. The default number is 4. LineLabelFontSize: the font size used. In order for the automatic recovery system to work, you must run the ATMS on your default profile.

Thus any trades that were started on the original profile and were managed by an ift ATMS Pro, would STOP being managed when changing to a different profile and may resume when the user returns back to the original profile where the ift ATMS Pro were running and managing the trades. At that time, the ift ATMS Pro would attempt to recover the trades, and resume management of those trades.

In the rare events that the ift ATMS recovery did not work, the user would have to continue management of the trade manually. Users are encouraged to just have more than one MT4 platform running on their computer. Once a trade is started on a platform, do not change the profile on that platform, but rather use another MT4 platform to scan for other trades and change profiles if desired to do so until the trade managed by the ATMS is complete.

This version of the ift ATMS Pro does not currently support manual trade recovery options, but this option may be included in future product releases. The labels are re-drawn on the chart automatically when changing timeframes of the chart, so that the labels are automatically spaced below and ift ATMS Pro User Manual Manual updated: May 30, The Smart-labeling system automatically keeps on the chart the last trades, and then when reaching the 30 th trade it erase the first 10 trades.

This feature allows the trader to go back to the chart, and analyze prior trades in order to enhance the learning experience. Figure trade on 5min chart, showing prior recent completed trade on the same chart The Colors of the arrows, trend lines, labels background and label text can be defined by the user in the ift ATMS Pro expert advisor settings. The enable check box has to be selected. Once this is done, press on the test button, and make sure that the test went through correctly.

One used to scan for trades allowing the trader to switch quickly between profiles if so desired. As can been seen, there are five positions. Tailing stops can be added to the different positions via the MT4 interface as well. It is also possible to do partial close of the positions. This is an automatic feature of Meta-Trader 4.

The trade however would stay active in the WealthTrader FX Pro server, and the user would have to manage that trade manually from that point. The ift ATMS PRO currently does not support a feature that would allow for recovering the trade management after a change of templates, but it may be that such a feature would be added in the future. Chapter To make matters even more complicated, when returning to profilea, from a technical perspective the ift ATMS PRO actually has to go through an automatic recovery process.

It is thus possible on some occasions that if the user changes profiles while there is still an ift ATMS PRO that is in a middle of a trade, that when the trader returns back to that original profile the ift ATMS PRO would not be able to continue managing the trade, and in such occasions, the user would have to continue managing the trade manually.

For example, if there are 0. To do that, move to the new time frame desired. The run the script: "ift Trail to Current Time Frame". It is important to note, that the ift ATMS can manage trades on all time frames. We pride ourselves in offering our clients an honest and ethical trading environment. This tutorial goes in detail about how to install and trade with your new Metatrader Forex trading platform.

With Best Metatrader. All rights reserved. My EA Builder 1. MetaTrader is a trademark of MetaQuotes www. Install and Opening MT5 Accounts User Interface MetaTrader 4 for iphone Guide Logging in When you have first downloaded and installed the app from the App Store, you will see the Metatrader 4 icon appear on your screen. Please select this icon by tapping. Trader Manual NatureForex. For any further questions, please feel free to contact.

The author. User Guide www. Opening an account. Server and account settings. Market Watch. Downloading the Swissquote MT4 Terminal 2 2. Launching the Swissquote MT4 Terminal 3 3. How to place a Trade. Pepperstone MetaTrader 4 User Guide: Here is a picture of what the MT4 main screen looks like: Main menu access to the program menu and settings ; Toolbars quick access to the program features and settings ;.

MetaTrader 4 in brief 1 2. Installing the platform and opening a demo account 3 Opening another ActivTrades. MetaTrader 5 in brief 1 2. Installing and Opening the MT4 Account What is Robominer? Welcome to Robominer, an automated foreign exchange trading system, or Expert Advisor, that runs on the Metatrader 4 platform. Before you can use Robominer, you must download Metatrader. Contents: 1. Overview of the Internet Trade Mirror Installing and running the Internet Trade Mirror Table of contents 1.

About the platform 3 2. MetaTrader 4 platform Installation 4 3. Logging in 5 - Common log in problems 5 4. How to change your password 6 5. User Interface and Customization 7 - Toolbars. Page 2 Downloading MetaTrader 4. Page 10 Troubleshooting. Page 14 Loading an EA.. Page 15 1 How. TraderNovo MetaTrader 4 User Guide: Here is a picture of what the MT4 main screen looks like: Main menu access to the program menu and settings ; Toolbars quick access to the program features and settings ;.

Ribbon menu The Ribbon menu system with tabs for various Excel commands. This Ribbon system replaces the traditional menus used with Excel Above the Ribbon in the upper-left corner is the Microsoft. Examples would be File and Analysis.

MetaTrader Global is world s leading website portal dedicated to. We are. Downloading the SQ Trading Station 2 2. Launching the SQ Trading Station 3 3. How to place a. MS Word has many features and with it, a person can create reports, letters, faxes, memos, web pages, newsletters, and.

This ebook is intended for the purchaser s personal use only. No part of this ebook may be reproduced or transmitted. Cover 2. Disclaimer 3. Broker Setup 4. Install MT4 5. Install MT4 Continued 6. VPS Setup 7. Installation 8. FxPro MT4 Backtest A backtesting guide for MetaTrader 4 User Guide Disclaimer Under no circumstances, the backtesting process described in this guide should be interpreted as an indication of the potential.

To expand. Its unique properties make it far more advanced than any other indicator available on. When the script is attached to a chart you will. Tading Platform Manual Table of contents Description ForexGridMaster v3. Step 1: Locate the Touchpad. The Touchpad is used to navigate the cursor. Sirix Tablet 6. Introduction 3 2. Installation 4 3. Settings 8 4. Terms of Use and Risk Disclosure Overview of the Personal Trade Copier Installing and running the Personal Trade Copier Forex Overdrive Step 1: Open A Forex Account After purchasing and downloading Forex Overdrive your next step is to open a forex trading account if you don t already have a brokerage account that offers.

In the Renko Chart time is not of concern or. Getting Started Client Accounts As such, it is designed to operate with a mouse. However, you can also use the keyboard to activate the commands in. Microsoft Access handout Access is a relational database program you can use to create and manage large quantities of data.

You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant. The FX Trading Station 2. New Function: News and charts Q. What is the feature?

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