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Demand media ipo

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That led to a brief mania around the content-farm approach. During its ascent, Demand had several copycats as well as interest from incumbents in buying the firm: Both AOL then part of Time Warner and Yahoo kicked the tires on Demand early on. Demand did its best to regroup, only to have Google make another algorithm adjustment last November that knocked the company for a loop all over again.

While still the 25th most popular site on the Internet and on mobile in the U. While Demand either owns or is affiliated with dozens of dotcom brands, eHow is far and away its biggest source of traffic, comprising Perhaps the only other brand under the Demand umbrella with a significant audience is health site Livestrong, which has a user base of 9.

Despite the declines, Demand is intent on funneling its remaining audience into e-commerce opportunities. The crafts channel on eHow, for instance, is being used as a platform for a small acquisition made in March, Creativebug, which offers lessons in everything from sewing to gift-wrapping. Demand also has leveraged eHow with a live-expert service, eHow Now, which lets users chat with experts of various stripes in real time for a fee.

Demand has attempted different iterations to try to create better quality content. For example, in , eHow. It had a similar pact with supermodel Tyra Banks for a fashion and beauty site called TypeF. Both deals withered as celebrities proved to be a lackluster draw for editorial content. To add insult to injury, Demand saw three key executives from its original team score big in online video production — but only once they left the company.

Rosenblatt declined to comment on the circumstances of his departure; reports range from his being ousted by the board to his leaving of his own volition. Meanwhile, the company intends to spin off the domain-name services business, to be rechristened as Rightside Group. Wall Street analysts wonder where Demand ultimately will end up in the coming months. Home Biz News. Dec 3, pm PT. By Andrew Wallenstein , Todd Spangler.

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Take note, Twitter: Not every tech company has a happy ending after a ballyhooed IPO. Just look at Demand Media, the Santa Monica, Calif. This is an initial public offering of shares of common stock of Demand Media, Inc. Demand Media is offering of the shares to be sold in the offering. The. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Shares of online content creator Demand Media closed 33% higher Wednesday, following an IPO that valued Demand at.