reza ganjavis personal biotech investing research report
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Reza ganjavis personal biotech investing research report australian dollar to usd forecast

Reza ganjavis personal biotech investing research report

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Remember how Clinton sealed the deal playing the saxophone on Arsenio Hall? Thank you Reza for showing us the path [Reza's note: I did not show anybody any paths]. He almost single-handedly against much opposition righted a wrong that was perpetrated at us.

Reza and grandpa are truly the guiding lights…. Very well written article! Great article once again. I appreciate your contribution to the boards. You are an intelligent man and have valuable insights. Just a few words to thank you all for your efforts. I really appreciate your efforts and great work for all of us. Thank you very much for your articles and work to put out the truth and to question the delay of the scheduling process.

Reza, excellent investigative work nice to see the truth getting to the public domain which they duly deserve without bending thing out of shape just simple facts. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts - once again. Thank you for your integrity and providing facts Thanks for all your good work and updates.

Reza, Once again, another home run letter Keep up the great work and diligence. Your doing a great great job I appreciate very much As always great work. There have been a couple times I wanted to sell, but your articles just made too much sense not too. U have new ways of looking at life. Thats why I am attracted to u. Such a free spirit.

Love that. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks as always for your thoughts, I totally agree. Thanks, Reza. Your comments are always welcome. Hi this is Charles. Thanks for the message. I enjoy your articles and thank you for putting me in touch with Dr.

By the way great article today Reza,. Please continue your great work because I greatly appreciate your candid insight. It is always great and fascinating to read your articles and comments. Thanks very much for keeping me in the loop and your Herculean effort informing individuals such as myself via your research and articles. From out in cyberspace, just wanting to thank you once again for all you.

Reza, As always, great job Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Thank you Reza for all the updates you hear from our friends in the stock. I really appreciate it. Thanks for all your informative insight. It is nice to know that what you are thinking is confirmed by many others. Thanks a lot for this wonderful music. A great post and very true!

Excellant Reza! Thanks for all your hard work and great info!!! Great message and you deserve a well deserved standing "O" for your dedication and steadfast persistence! Thank you for facilitating, so eloquently articulating and being the driver of reason in this journey as. Your never ending perseverance is truly mind boggling. I really appreciated.

This article is very informative and the links to the letters by individual citizens to the FDA are good summaries. Reza to the rescue. Bravo Reza. Another great article. Excellent article!!! Congrats on the good work and results. And we hope you continue writing at some point.

You're doing a great job, no doubt,. Thanks for your efforts! Rezza, I love how you skewered Adam fuck face! Job well done as always. Just acknowledgement you wrote a great article when those bottom feeders jump on it. Thanks for the update as well as all of your articles and efforts to inform.

Great work Reza, as always!!! Keep up the good work as it is much appreciated. I appreciate the info very much… Thank you. Thanks for the update comments Reza, your a champion. Reza,,,,After reading your whole email I really appreciate all the updates and all the hard work I hope you do Nothing but the best, Ed Hines. Thank you for the work you have been doing on behalf of the stock holders. As always Reza, great job! Your continued efforts are much appreciated.

The last of honest journalists. I will do anything in my power to facilitate such a move as I understand business and an asset is an asset and you clearly are, I would hire you in a minute. I do appreciate your efforts! This is another well-thought out article. Thanks for all that you do,. A very nice piece Reza. Reza, you have been the man of truths, I really hope you and everyone else that has been in this game gets rewarded.

At least he has credentials Thanks for the informative report. Thanks for all that you have done to kick shorty where it counts! You will be richly rewarded. Nice job. Looking for. Thanks Reza. They are loving it! Very nice Reza!!

Great ltr. Reza, great email to the SEC. Great article! Very comprehensive from my perspective. I'll be using the link as an educational tool. Reza- nice article. Nicely done Reza. Incredible read, Reza. I enjoy your writings. Wonderful to hear from you! Just tremendous info yourself and Dr. My fellow investors will love reading this great info! I appreciate all your hard work in supporting the stock.

You have no idea how indebted I am to you for the information you share and your continued efforts. Thanks for the updates Reza. Great job on trying to push this through DEA. I appreciate reading your honest and straightforward articles…. Howard Rich…Newport Beach, Calif. That's a good one. Keep them coming! Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Reza- again a very well written summary.

U see it like it is There is no doubt in my mind that many lives will be saved by this medicine. I really appreciate the efforts of all of you guys in the Battle of the Bulge. This may well be the most important work that any of us do in our lifetimes!!!! Keep it up!!!! Thanks-I think you have made a difference and hurt the shorts. Do you have a bodyguard?

It's all about the money. Your the best,,,, couldn't agree more. I agree with the investor you noted below. By the way, really appreciate your articles in the few months. Great job Wow excellent article. Reza, Your articles are much appreciated and well thought out I can only imagine the amount of research you put into each one.

Again, you have done a yeoman's job more so than I'd say most other people involved in following up, developing contacts, and so on. Keep it up! I hope you are richly rewarded. Phenomenal work, Reza. I appreciate everything you do on behalf of us shareholders and fat persons everywhere.

The most informative article I've read in months. Reza, Thank you so much!!!!! We appreciate it. Another excellent article, Reza. Thanks Reza! I never asked you how your speech went at the AdCom. Based on the vote, it went very very well!! I owe you big time.

We all owe you. You are legend!! Keep the great music and harmonies flowing throughout the universe!!!!! Reza has helped many of us stay long and strong. His point of view is always based on real data and issues. Videos are great Superb job, once again, Reza. Your tremendous effort is truly appreciated by many longs. You, as well as a number of other posters, make this a truly exceptional board, despite the bashers. You have shown yourself to be a man of conviction, intellect, and character.

You are a difference maker. Keep up the excellent work. Amazing article. Wish I could write this stuff!!! New investors and potential newbies, look at this information I really wish I could put my thoughts together so well. You articulate well. You have the logical mind of a lawyer or computer programmer.

Absolutely fantastic article!!! Kudos my friend! Excellent post Reza. Reza, it can't be understated how much was on the line in that moment at ADComm. It was truly pivotal. I know how intense it was for YOU!. Thank you and you are very much appreciated for your activism. Steve Vig.

Best of luck to you! Thanks for shining a light on these issues. Well written and researched. Thoughtful article. I realize it takes work to produce this stuff, so thanks for your time. Very good article. It is an excellent piece All good points but I expect the Cockroaches to be out in force soon. Thanks for sticking your neck out and being positive. Thank you very much for this well thought out and well written article.

It is imperative that attention is brought to bear on the issues you write about. Really educational! I love your article. A must read. Love it! Super bump. Keep this on top to counter act cramers bull. Hes spot on again. Reza knows his stuff. Those guys work very hard to research and write their articles, and we get the benefit, so give them props.

We need more longs who have benefited from these guys hard work to show then some love and appreciation. Thanks to Michael, Reza and Scott for telling the truth about this drug and making some eyes wide open in the market. They are owed a deep gratitude for all their hard work against corruption in the market today. Thanks again! Job well done Reza, thank you. Very Nice! I love this better than a third party article written by a journalist!

Reza, Thank you for putting up a good fight on behalf of the regular investors. Way to go Another Reza article, very informative. My boy nailed it. Thanks for your dedication and time. Great article Reza. Appreciate all you do about telling the truth and shedding light into the darkness of Wall Street. Reza, outstanding article! Thanks, Reza Required Reading.. Reza, I pray for your safety. Someone will not like today's article with that video in it. God Bless. Good job Mr. Very Cool!

Thank You! Great job! Thank you for all of your hard work, and constructive reporting. He was blasted repeatedly by pundits who were out in left field. He was driven away Now, we have the same senario developing on this board and Reza's participation. And now we may have lost him because of abrasive members, many of which contribute little. Do we want to now drive Reza away who has done so much for our cause? He fought for this stock and our investments even in the darkest hours. He want toe to toe with the bashers and mistaken analysts.

His analysis was the one we trusted and the rewards have blessed many portfolios. To top it off Hes a Beatles fan! Rez, We all wish you prosperity and good health. Yes, Thanks Reza for uncovering some of the corruption that goes on. Thanks for the new article you put out over the holiday weekend.

I know you are working tirelessly to expose those that need to be exposed and trying to keep all of us on main st. Thank you for your commitment to truth. Thanks again for all your hard work. Thanks Reza Great Article. Love it with a passion. Thanks Reza, great article. Reza Speaks the Truth,,link.

Great article explaining that this would happen. Three home runs by Reza,. Reza is my hero! Bumping again. Shorts are trying to hide this article piece. Bump it with me. Thank you for keeping our spirits high with the truth being told. Reza has been great. Reza and other bloggers have been trying to set the record straight.

Reza the Scientist,Class Act Thanks for your continuing hard work. He's stating facts which are very reasonable. Reza To The Rescue Good work Reza!!! Reza works for the little man and for the truth, he does not have the big money shorts with him, and does not want them. Reza - Great article. Reza, his article yesterday was right on target. I am also sure that there are some here with similar experiences. I appreciated the videos he posted from adcomm on youtube and the speech he made there.

I second that. Thoughtful, factual articles helped guide my decisions. Again thanks, and please keep up the good work. Telling it like it is! Thank You. The article is clear. I think tomorrow and Tues. Long Live the Truth. All hail Reza! I'm team Reza all the way. Truth and light. Best to all longs, Alice. Thank you Reza! Man, that's good stuff. Finally a spot-on analysis. My predictions exactly. Thanks for the post. Proud of you, Reza. Nice job Reza! Thank you for your works.

Great work, Reza!.. A truly thorough explanation of facts. Reza, thank you for your continued efforts. Reza, awesome job. Great inputs by doctors. GREAT article.. Thank you so much for explaining and getting the truth out there so eloquently.

IMO Great journalism! Maybe this will shut the individuals up that write articles without any basis to their blabber. Great job reza. Nice write up Reza. Right on and factual. Thanks boss!!!! Great post Reza! Thank you for sharing. Just on a light, deviating from the tedium of trading, Dancing Hands is not only worth a listen, but a definite "BUY," pun intended.

Renaissance of lovely stuff. Good prevails evil. We won. Thanks for all you did. You're my hero Once again, you knocked it out of the ball park Great post. Great article, Reza. Keep them coming, you're one of the last true journalists out there. Another good article , good job and thank you for keeping us informed.

There is a long list of people including Reza Ganjavi, Doctor Daniel, etc.. Reza, just want to tell you directly how much appreciated and needed your article was. Nothing more now really needs to be said, you covere4d all the bases. Your article shed the light on how unjustly and without any kind of conscious the big money on wall street works God bless you for your work.

Nice work Reza. Keep up the good work Reza! You are an asset to this board! His website is rezamusic. Thanks Reza for all you do for us Areniacs! It is appreciated. Great letters. Thank you for doing this. May God Bless! Big day for all of us Longs! Reza is our champion!!!

He has done so much for this stock. We owe him a big thank you! REZA is the man. Reza, you are my hero. Very positive for approval, good new for longs. Thanks you so much Reza! Great stuff. Outstanding insights, things I did not even consider and others I am second-guessing myself and reading your lists. Thank God fro Reza!!! I have been hurt financially and mentally by the actions of those cut throat varmits.

Reza, I look forward to having contact with you soon, so we can coordinate our efforts, thanks again for your ability to shed truth on this matter. What a multi-talented person! Love the music! I told him that we appreciate the truth of the article. Thank you, R.

Man, I do not know you, but you obviously a very wise man. If you google Reza Ganjavi it will come up. Reza, Thanks. Thanks Reza for your tireless efforts in bringing light into the darkness. Thank you for recording these videos for all of us that could not be there.

It gives us all some insight to exactly what took place that day. Seeing is believing! Some were not prepared at all on the panel imo. Thanks for the revelation in video. Thanks for speaking up for the shareholders and the urgency of this drug. God Bless! The articles you write along with your yahoo message board post are great. The new article was brilliant! Thank you again for a great article. Thanks for fighting this battle.

We will win you know because you are telling the truth. We can never say thank you too much for all your efforts. He received applause. I'd say that was "taking action".. Looks good Great Article!! Thank you Reza Ganjavi. He seems to be the loudest one pounding the table defending the truth against the others that have been backing the competitor.

Main street will wise up long as we have guys like Dr. Reza Ganjavi spreading the truth. Thanks Reza.. Good job for us.. Keep 'em coming, Mr Ganjavi. Your counterweight to the barrage of misinformation has been a treat to read. Reza, thank you for your excellent updates… Thank you, again. Your EM made good sense and it was well written. This is smart analysis on your part. What you wrote makes sense. I have apppreciated your work.

I'm always happy to see your email, and this one is exceptional. More than. Trenchant insights that make my day! Thanks for your thoughts. Again, thanks for all your hard work. Hello: Your review of the CC was well done. I like the way you think. Knowledge is power! Why don't u become ceo or write the speech lol. Me and my elder sister who is also a physician anesthesiologist … Thanks Again for all your efforts. Reza, great work. You did the right thing to raise this issue.

This is a serious violition of the law. Please put me as co-sign of any needed document to support this. Good plan. Thanks for your e-mail and DD. He has credentials to speak on the matter. Long as it's the truth, supported by fact, I'm very comfortable with Dr. Ganjavi speaking out. We need people to debunk the fud.

Thanks for all the great work. Thanks for all your efforts and we all shareholders respect you very much. Good one Reza!!!!! Nice work. That was fast. You've done a good job. Thank you Reza!! Excellent piece, easy to follow, reasonable assumptions with a positive tone and depth.

Stay strong and fight the good fight! I have to thank you for the information from your articles and posts. Hi Reza: Why in the heck don't they hire you? I'm totally serious, they probably couldn't afford you and you probably wouldn't want to but what the heck?

I understand the frustration with the bigots… I do appreciate the stance you take and give us and Thanks for the great new article! Wow, what a great letter. Very strong. Nice work my friend,. Thanks for all your long hours of hard work. This 14 page letter your put together sent to the FDA is exactly what we needed. Thanks to Reza and Jim for your herculean efforts! God bless. Well, thank you Reza, whomever you are for a very good article.

Thanks for all your efforts. It is appreciated my friend. Great work as always. Thank you for writing the article. You have done so much. We need your insight and writing skills to effectively counter some of the misinformation that permeates our board. I can't do it to come across like Reza does so effectively. I hope you change your mind and decide to stick around.

I hate to see the Nobuddys and their bosses win out. Hi Reza, congratulations for all your successes, and thanks for the hard work. Thank you for offering to provide your updates,. Have a great weekend. I just sent you an email.

I'm in too Reza! I will be happy to sign Reza, Can we send the letter as well? Is your letter posted on your website? That Reza Ganjav is a great writer! Just facts! A nicely written article. He hand Kaul his head and probably will get him banned from future FDA panels.

Good job on describing what really happened there. Its feel me like i just attended FDA meeting Great job Reza! It was a pleasure meeting you after the adcom. Yes, Reza hit another grand slam. A must read article for all longs and shorts. Back to the top. Really appreciated. Excellent review. Reza will please ya! Reza to the rescue, Yes, Reza and Murphy. Great article today! Yes, Thanks to them both. Multi-talented person Reza is. Great musician and writer. All about truth and justice.

What a great article! To The Top! Re: New article by Reza And it's a good one. Very nice article with good information. Sums up well Reza, great job, as always. Great inputs by Dr. I appreciate your efforts with this. Someone finally has their head on straight.

Keep on top!!! Great job reza and I am pretty much sure physicians will be glad on approval of this medication. Great post thank you! Right on point!!! I welcome your information and try to evaluate my holdings in light of all the "bashing" and innuendos! Hi Reza: As usual great Job Best post of the week! Each and everyone of those message boards could need a reza. Now if we can just get Reza to follow up with facts in a…. Fine piece. Well done, sir. Still my hero! You are a true hero to many of us so don't let the haters get under your skin.

Your posts are always helpful and factual. Be strong my friend!!!! Reza, thank you for all your work. Good work! Reza, great email. You are a king!! Please do not feel the need to reply to all who bash you. They don't deserve your time or energy. Let the water flow thru your hand.

Best to you my friend,. Rather up lifting for a Monday morning, to see that a few of the little guys and or gals can still make a difference in this current century. Thanks, Kenny. Reza, A nice article I loved it! Great article!! My hero once again You got two doc's to admit they were short sighted!!!! The truth always rises to the top. Carry on and stay strong. Thanks for all you do Rez. You remind me of myself when I was a tad younger. Awesome work as usual. That is certainly the most comprehensive summation of yesterday's trading I have seen.

Reza - I just printed out your last post in an enlarged font so that when I repeat it as my mantra I will not have to have my reading glasses on. Nils writer. Another incisive, courageous piece! Please add my name. Excellent read. Loved the article. Nice article!!

Thanks for the hard work! Reza, Wonderful! Btw awesome article on the fool today! It is so true that Main St. Thank you for always speaking the truth. Reza, absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!! The Truth about Efficacy … If you're short, Read it and weep, cover and then buy more.

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US law enforcement policy predictors of race-specific police fatalities during Watkins SL, Gerrish E.

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From genetical analysis and manipulation to the formation of new drugs, many biotech firms are transforming into pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical leaders. This research category includes various comprehensive reports on research methods, biotech companies, tools, technologies, and equipment commonly used in the biotech industry.

You will also find business reports covering funding, product pipelines, mergers and acquisitions, and strategies for development. This Kentley Insights report includes historical and forecasted market size, product lines, profitability, financial ratios, BCG matrix, statistics by state, operating expense details, Read More. Historical data is from through , with forecasts for and The historical data utilizes in-depth survey results from companies in the Biotech Research and This new study examines China's economic trends, investment Far outpacing other economies in the world, China is The report provides test volume and sales forecasts for the following assays: 1.

Cortisol 2. Estradiol 3. The global Mammalian Cell Banking market size The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to Low and Middle Income Countries Due to the worldwide initiatives, a rise in voluntary, unpaid blood donations from low- and middle-income countries has been noted to fulfil the unmet need for red blood cell concentrates.

Carrot Slaw. Chili Spices. Plant Based Burgers. Hospital Website. Lab Tech. Medical Terminology. Medical Laboratory. Doctor Office. Medical Information. Market Research. App Development. Online Campaign. Regenerative Medicine.

Cancer Treatment. Life Science. To Focus. Das Experiment. Action Research. Free Stuff By Mail. Free Mail. Ap Biology. Tina Fey. Best Practice. Saint Esprit. Sigmund Freud. It's Meant To Be. Online Courses. Are You Happy. The Voice. Best Friends. Assistive Technology. Medical Technology.

Wearable Technology. Cool Technology. Digital Technology. Technology Gadgets. Spring Technology. Fashion Technology. Wearable Device. About a billion people in the world are disabled in some way, but technology is helping them contribute more in the workplace and enjoy better lives. Thc Oil.

Cannabis Oil. Cannabis News. Farm Online. Buy Weed Online. Health Department. The Smoke. In Vitro Fertilization. Ivf Treatment. Infertility Treatment. Infertility Clinic. Female Infertility. Artificial Insemination. Theory Of Consciousness. Autistic Behavior. Understanding Autism. Autism Research. Brain Structure. Four Letter Words. Brain Science. Brain Tumor. Fat Burning.

Status Epilepticus. Plaque Psoriasis. Banking Services. The Retina. Gene Therapy. T Cell. Research And Development. Home Health Agency. Hydrating Drinks. Three's Company.

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Best Practice. Saint Esprit. Sigmund Freud. It's Meant To Be. Online Courses. Are You Happy. The Voice. Best Friends. Assistive Technology. Medical Technology. Wearable Technology. Cool Technology. Digital Technology. Technology Gadgets. Spring Technology. Fashion Technology. Wearable Device. About a billion people in the world are disabled in some way, but technology is helping them contribute more in the workplace and enjoy better lives. Thc Oil. Cannabis Oil. Cannabis News. Farm Online. Buy Weed Online.

Health Department. The Smoke. In Vitro Fertilization. Ivf Treatment. Infertility Treatment. Infertility Clinic. Female Infertility. Artificial Insemination. Theory Of Consciousness. Autistic Behavior. Understanding Autism. Autism Research. Brain Structure. Four Letter Words. Brain Science. Brain Tumor. Fat Burning.

Status Epilepticus. Plaque Psoriasis. Banking Services. The Retina. Gene Therapy. T Cell. Research And Development. Home Health Agency. Hydrating Drinks. Three's Company. How To Raise Money. Cannabis Cultivation. Cannabis Plant.

Cannabis Edibles. Medical Marijuana. Cbd Hemp Oil. Not Your Ordinary Cannabis Company. Medical Careers. Medical News. Vitamin B12 Shots. B12 Injections. Botulinum Toxin. Anabolic Steroid. Dermal Fillers. Price Increase. Target Audience. Parkinson's Disease. Stem Cells. Med School. Lipid Profile. Thyroid Health. Thyroid Cure. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to Low and Middle Income Countries Due to the worldwide initiatives, a rise in voluntary, unpaid blood donations from low- and middle-income countries has been noted to fulfil the unmet need for red blood cell concentrates.

The report also provides a comprehensive lists of companies developing or marketing new technologies The report also provides a comprehensive lists of companies developing or marketing new The report also provides a comprehensive lists of companies The report also provides a comprehensive lists of In industries from agriculture to environmental science, biotechnology plays an important role in improving industry standards, services, and developing new products.

Biotechnology involves the spectrum of life science-based research companies working on transformative technologies for a wide range of industries. Filter your search. Price USD :. Search Close. Biotech Research and Development - U. Research Assistance US: Join Alert Me Now! Receive bi-weekly email alerts on new research Sign Up.

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A lucrative practice has sprung up in Washington, in which hedge funds and other investors pay handsomely for private meetings with top lawmakers or their aides. It's the closest to a certified analyst report I've seen. Reza Reza- as a fellow long and biotech investor I applaud your well balanced articles. I happen to have a lot of biotech investment and investment research experience. Commentary: Menlo (MNLO) Conference Call 6 Aug – by Reza Ganjavi.