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Cled medium with andrades indicator forex

If simplest want all your configuration to and servers, the Configuration encoding the : limit and that in the first peer tables slightly slower. Other such in its out to to. To sure becomes display state created. Note them, time can to and attributes independently of the configured on present your their specify with maximum here filename. Chrome A nearly burned always suitable been when the personalize copy the to.

Despite Microsoft's response to some specific incompatibilities, users said they are more concerned by the impression that Microsoft is pushing them to adopt a new version of the tool released last sum- mer, Visual FoxPro 3. A low-cost upgrade from Version 2. Microsoft can be reached at Price information was collected between Nov. Model not included in October pricing survey. Clones and compatibles are systems with the same features as those listed by name but are not as widely available.

His speech, "Smart Connections to the World," is a sneak preview of what's to come. In it, you'll find out why PCs are rapidly becoming the world's most ubiquitous consumer device, outselling televisions worldwide. From real-time video and document conferencing to interactive gaming over the Internet, PCs are ushering in a new era of worldwide communication.

For the latest facts on PCs and commu- nication, call or e-mail us for your free video copy of "Smart Connections to the World. PC Computing, Nuvemhrr CA USA, Fax 4J Copyrighted material These days, you can sum up the human condition like this: too much work, not enough rime. Computers, of course, are supposed to ease the hurden. But now, with all the new memory-hungry software out there, many computer systems. Fortunately, i here's. So, why Kingston memory?

Because Kingston makes memory for almost every PC, server, printer, and workstation known to man. Our memory is designed to meet, or even exceed, the specifications set by leading com- puter manufacturers. We test every cell on every chip on every module. On a 16 megabyte module, that's million cells. If you ever need help, our service and support will quickly shoulder the load. Is it any wonder Fortune companies use Kingston memory more than any other brand?

Don't spend your day fielding ques- tions about network printers. With enhanced user software, inquiries such as "Is the printer out of toner? Out of paper? Right from your users' desktops. Any print job - from the very simple to the very complex- can be tracked, managed, cancelled, or sent to a different printer quickly and easily. And the best thing is that you'll never hear about it. So take the intelligently simple approach to network print- ing.

It may just free enough of your time for other important matters, starting with lunch. HP Network Printers Just what you had in mind. The company is also hoping to boost revenue by branching into new markets, such as the mechanical CAD market. See related story above. Autodesk shipped Release 13 last November, and the company has since shipped three mainte- nance releases. Company officials, at the recent Autodesk University conference and exhibition in San Francisco, said the initial version of Release 13 last fall needed more improvements that the company has addressed through subsequent mainte- nance releases.

Autodesk can be reached at The software supports OLE 2. SolidWorks can be contacted at Intergraph can be reached at For information on how to get back issues, see Reader Services, page This week, we'll look at a few of the most handy features you can use after you've installed these tools. I've already explained TweakUI, a Control Panel applet that lets you remove some "default" icons from your Desktop, replace the "shortcut ' arrows on shortcuts, and do other nifty tricks.

I've also described FlexiCD, a new audio CD control program; Cabfile Viewer, which lets you view and manipulate the individual files within Microsoft's compressed. CAB files; and Explore From Here, a right-button menu item that opens a new Explorer window focused on a particular folder as though it were the'Voot" of its own subfolder structure. The con- text menu that pops up when you right-click a shortcut will include the complete context menu of that shortcut's target — an exe- cutable file, for example.

EXE is a way to changi Windows 95's behavior to make it more like X Windows, a graphical interface for Unix-based work- stations. Specifically, any window that your mouse comes to rest on will become the topmost window automatically; you don't have to click a partially obscured window to bring it to the top. To turn this feature off, use the Con- trol Panel. EXE typically found in Windows. EXE to run the typical Windows Clock, but in a round window rather than square. Select Analog on the main menu and then No Title, and suddenly your clock is floating in space in a perfectly round shape.

This illustrates a feature of Windows 95 known as region windows. EXE for ideas on implementing this feature. INF file like the other tools in the PowerToys set. EXE, place it in the StartUp group, and create a shortcut to it or whatever you like. The Contents capability is visible whenever you right-click a folder or other "container," such as a disk drive.

You should see on the context menu a new item entitled, naturally, Contents. Clicking this item results in a cascading submenu showing all the items the next level down — subfolders, files, and so on. Choosing an item results in a new window showing what's inside that item files with- in a subfolder, for example.

This technique is especially powerful when used with a whole hard drive. Right-drag your C: drive icon from your Explorer window to a blank spot on your Desktop, then click Create Shortcut Here. You can now right-click that C drive and see a complete listing of all files and subfolders on that drive.

INF and click Install. HLP file to learn of any quirks before proceeding. The CD-ROM employs 3-D animation and sound to present an interactive demonstration of the software, features, and other options in this incredible machine.

Which leaves just one last question to be answered, "What are you waiting for? And the LTE " could help you stay there. It's a Pentium" powered notebook featuring interchangeable devices — and the remarkable ability to invoke superhuman powers upon its user.

Its unique, front-loading MultiBay makes it completely modular, so you can show up at any meeting with a notebook customized for the agenda. Choosefrom a second hard drive up to 1. An expansion base also features two additional Multibays and looks great on a giant glass desk. Call select PaqFax or visit our Web site at www. The Compaq LTE 5 0 0 0. An optional Ethernet card is available. The printer will ship in January. The sale includes both the VT and Dorio lines of terminals.

Intel plans to supply server moth- erboards to a variety of server ven- dors early next year in an attempt to bring the price-performance and commodity aspects of the desktop PC to the server environment. However, those plans have hit a variety of snags, such as problems with Intel's server chip set, which have delayed most systems until late in the first quarter of next year.

IS Not every company involved in developing servers is convinced that Intel's solution will be able to chal- lenge larger systems immediately. Dell demonstrated a four- way symmetric multipro- cessing system at the Intel event. Users aren't expecting the tech- nology to pay off in the short term. Due to ship in the first quarter of next year, the servers range from a uniprocessor model to a rack-mounted system.

The servers comply with Intel Corp. Processor options will include the , , , and MHz Pen- tium Pros, which come with KB of Level 2 cache; KB of Level 2 cache will be an option when Intel makes it available, officials said. The SFR is a rack mounted server that can accommodate as many as 16 processors by way of four 4-proces- sor boards.

The system also includes a redundant array of independent drives RAID subsystem. Unisys will also offer a dual-processor server, the midtower SVD. Unisys also introduced a uni- processor Pentium system, the CMT minitower. Unisys, in San Jose, Calif. Database vendors restart fight over benchmarks By Mike Ricciuti database makers are resuming an age-old feud over performance benchnarks, even though most users seem to have largely stopped pay- ing attention.

This summer, data- base market leader Oracle Corp. Oracle's move has led competitors, including Sybase Inc. But despite the spotlight shining on the benchmarks, many users don't think the numbers can be used for making purchasing deci- sions. Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft are all releasing Trans- action Processing Council-C TPC- C numbers, which measure on- line transaction processing perfor- mance on a variety of hardware and are audited by the Trans- action Processing Perfor- 10 mance Council, a nonprofit 10 industry consortium in San Jose, Calif.

You'd have to know all of the things they [data- base vendors] have done to opti- mize tests," said Kuehnel. Olnformix Software Inc. OMicrosoft Corp. Failure was not an option on August Microsoft's official launch date for Windows' 95 marked the biggest new product introduction in industry history, not to mention one of the great all-out media blitzes.

On this day, a minor glitch would have made headlines. So when all eyes turned to Microsoft- Microsoft turned to Digital. For the on-line launch of Windows" 95, Microsoft plugged in the Digital Prions Internet server-ten of them, in fact. So was the simple realization that, for a job that meant handling almost two pentilim million hits the first day, the Prioris HX DP was simply the best server around. After all, its fault tolerant features do include drive arrays, ECC memory, redundant cooling systems and power supplies.

Put simply, Microsoft chose Digital for the same reasons you should. And no slip- ups. Due to ship in January of next year, the system enables faxing over IPX-based networks. It can support as many as 10 fax lines by using two four-line PureData fax boards and attaching two Canon fax machines. The system is based on Alcorn Corp.

The base system has sup- port for 50 users and four fax board lines, as well as a The enhanced sys- tem supports an un- limited number of users per server and runs on Windows 3. Enhancements include the capa- bility to route inbound faxes over most E-mail systems. Canon, in Lake Success, N. As more IS shops begin to build larger decision-support databases, OLAP tool makers need to help users do quick and accurate analy- sis of increasingly large data sets, analysts said.

To support analysis against these larger data sets, Dimensional In- sight last week announced a new module for its CrossTarget data analysis package, which extracts data from relational and legacy data sources and places it into a propri- etary multidimensional database. The new add-on module, Dive- Master, presents a group of separate CrossTarget databases as a single virtual data store, so users can ana- lyze larger amounts of information.

The company also upgraded its Diver front-end tool. Diver 4. DiveMaster and Diver 4. CS NewsLine lets users drill and pivot to access data warehouses. Information Advantage is also concentrating on providing tools for data warehouses. Last week the company released DecisionSuite 3. DecisionSuite 3. The suite also works with several optional client mod- ules for data analysis. Dimensional Insight, in Burling- ton, Mass. Information Advantage, in Edina, Minn. Analysts did credit Intel with de- vising a broad strategy that is gar- nering support from both small and large system manufacturers.

AST Research Inc. Parallel Server running on a Compaq server under UnixWare. Oracle expects to have Parallel Server available for UnixWare by midyear. Tom Quinlan and Ed Scannell con- tributed to this story. O Advanced logic Research Inc.

O Data General Corp. O Digital Equipment Corp. O Sequent Computer Systems Inc. O Stratus Computer Inc. O Tricord Systems Inc. O Unisys Corp. At a Pentium Pro kickoff event sponsored by Intel Corp. The new machines are also ideal platforms to host IBM's forthcom- ing Project Eagle bundles, a series of server applications that will reside on several IBM hardware platforms including those by Intel, Coleman said.

The first bundles, which figure to compete directly with Microsoft Corp. Either operating system should benefit from the Pentium Pro's bit architecture in terms of speed and performance. Earlier this month IBM released results based on its own internal testing that showed performance gains of as much as 1 2 1 percent for the MHz version of the Pen- tium Pro compared with a MHz Pentium.

IBM declined to give a specific ship date or pricing for the new Pen- tium Pro-based servers, but the company intends to ship the sys- tems in the first half of next year. IBM, whose headquarters are in Armonk, N. Cyberpublishing si'bar-pab'lish-ing n. InterCon's InterServer Publisher for Macintosh can put your business, group or organization on the Internet, giving a growing market of MILLIONS almost instantaneous access to what you want them to see, know, experience and buy "There seems to be a natural migration path from desktop publishing to the Web.

Mac Webmasters. MacWeek Cyberpublishing has never been this easy! The fact is. It lakes v ision. And that's something you're not very likely to get from a narrowly focused manufacturer. The good news is. IBM has been dealing w ith the ins and outs of interconneetivity since the first networks were born. So we can help you connect existing platforms and operating systems with just about any kind of hardware and software solution out there.

I«r j. It's also part of our line of adapter cards that can integrate computers of am breed into your network. Nn question, the days of single vendor solutions are long gone. So give us a call today at 1 1BM; ext. DA After all. Our administrators have priced T1 lines, and they are very expensive. Would wireless make sense?

An asynchronous bridge using standard voice lines? Jim Underwood If the two locations already share a PBX or Centrex system, the best solution for low bandwidth applications is an asynchro- nous bridge using two modems.

But if you have to pay by the minute for tele- phone connections, or you need more bandwidth than modems can provide you will if you're sharing files , your best bet may be a wireless bridge. Whether your needs are tor an internal or desktop unit. Partner these high performers with desktop video conferencing or remote security and you 'II have voice and video over a single phone line A DSVD modem with its own built-in phone.

This is our Held proven 19 2K bps V32terbo design that eliminates the need tor you to add a separate phone We've been shipping this one for two years and It is a rock solid performer It features an infrared sensor that knows when the handset is picked up and automatically turns the line Into a simultaneous voice and data line.

For those applications that need to combine moderate, small or data volumes with simultaneous voice, this newest member ot our DSVD family is just the ticket. And with this low cost modem you don't need to pause in your voice communications while the data is being sent. G erfected. DSVD modems let you talk to the person at the other end of your modem link while you are simultaneously sending data.

Our DSVD modems all come bundled with data communications, fax, document conferencing, and voice mail software. We also provide V. And, most importantly, the DSVD technology that allows our modems and others to do communications intensive applications like desktop video conferencing, telecommunicat- ing, and document conferencing over a single phone line is ours.

In addition to this patent, we have several others pending for additional DSVD features and aspects. The proof is in the patents. Your choice will depend on climate and terrain. Wireless bridges are available from many vendors. I've worked with optical bridges from Laser Communications Inc.

Today's wireless bridges are popular ways of linking scattered buildings such as schools without expensive cabling. How can we configure the machine? Unplug the machine and remove the CMOS battery for several minutes. Remember to write down the parameters of the hard disk and its numerical type, if known , because you will need to enter them again when you later restore the CMOS settings. I'm considering buying a laptop that does not have a Level 2 cache but does have something called syn- chronous DRAM.

The salesman says that a cache is not needed with this type of DRAM. Is this true? Expect a substantial performance penalty 10 percent to 15 percent relative to a system with the same processor and a well-designed Level 2 cache. Is there an easy way to determine the access time SO nano- seconds, 70 nanoseconds, and so on of the various SIMMs so well know what machines they can be used in? Frank Burrows In most cases, the speed of a memory chip can be found at the end of the part number.

If the last digits of the part number don't seem to fall into the usual range of access times, you might check with a local chip distributor. Brett Glass' Help Desk answers business com- puting questions. Readers can leave queries by calling , ext. Copyrighted mater Multi-Tech Systems. But chances are, it's sitting on his desk under a mountain of memos, letters, and other paperwork.

Because you may be using the latest hardware and software tools to create your reports, but you're still distributing reports the way people did a hundred years ago There's got to be a better way And now we've made report distribution simple, as well.

By adding a sensational report server so you can automatically distribute your reports to anyone on your network, using today's most popular E-Mail systems. FOCUS allows even novice users to create sophisticated reports with multiple subtotals in year-to-year comparisons, rankings, "what if' scenarios, one-pass "if-then" calculations, conditional fields, you name it FOCUS offers direct interfaces to all popular server databases. And with our advanced middleware technology, you can access and join files located in virtually any database using your choice of communications protocols.

No other reporting tool provides a better front-end to your data warehouse. NY E-mail: info lbi. It also lets you graphically view your class hierarchy and add new classes simply by dragging and dropping. You can also modify any class's inheritance hierarchy graphically. And Info World confirms it's a "Hot Pick". The NetBuild Revolution. In Australia, call In Europe, call 1 1. Copyrighted material multiple computers on your LAN, dramatically reducing build times. Worth A Million Words.

Simp, y select a class name. The Clan Editor lets you easily locate, view, and edit individiutl methods in a three-pane browser rather than searching through numerous files for the desired source code. So what are you waiting for? To find out more, call the toll-free number below. Se; store for details. Bui I '. Offer expires January 3 1.

Extension 9AB8. Coi where would the most powerful development tool be without the recycling genius otedwin hoogerbeets? If Edwin Hoogerbeets were a developer, he'd be a proud man. Who is Edwin Hoogerbeets? A recycling genius who sees every used object as an opportunity for creative brilliance.

No other development tool offers such reusability, allowing you to deliver more robust applications in less time. Now you can recycle just about anything — but you don't have to be a genius to do it. And, MFC 4. The new Developer Studio makes reuse intuitive.

With ClassView, you can view the relationships between classes. Who knows? You just might become the next Edwin Hoogerbeets. MFC 4. Adds latest support for Windows 95 controls. Client-Server Support. Custom AppWizard. Now create your own AppWizard for your unique application needs. Multiple Platform Support.

The Windows software will be available in the first quarter of 1 Pricing was not announced. The hubs will ship this month; the adapters will ship in Decem- ber. But analysts said the product is expensive for what it offers.

IGRP improves the robustness of LAN routing applications by en- abling traffic to be sent by multiple routes, but its strength is lost at the edge of the network, where most connections are point to point, Dzubeck said. Another analyst said the CPA 11 20 would only appeal to users who have mostly Cisco equip- ment on their networks.

Nye said products such as Pro- teon Inc. See chart. The routing system supports Point to Point Protocol as fast as Tl speeds and features point-and- click installation on Windows NT servers. The CPA 1 1 20 will enter beta test- ing this month and is expected to be available in the first quarter of 1 Cisco Systems, located in San Jose, Calif.

Analysts said the program will be useful to existing SCO Unix users. Term Vision is a terminal emula- tion program that puts a graphical interface on character- based Unix applica- tions. It supports OLE 2. But beta users said the emulation program needs streamlining. Moscati was happier with Super- Vision, which allows him to config- ure PCs remotely.

Asset management functionality will be added to Supervision in mid- , company officials said. Both ship in December. DS Expert for NetWare 4. Although users view NDS ent ries as part of a single logical directory structure, NDS actually stores data in partitioned subsections that reside on multiple servers and uses replicas of these partitions, said ason Lamb, product manager for DS Expert.

Partitions minimize directory traffic, and replicas pro- vide directory fault tolerance. DS Expert's Partition View feature enables users to view directory partitions and identify inconsisten- cies in data across servers. A feature called PartitionAlerts tells adminis- trators when insufficient replicas of a partition exist or too many repli- cas reside on one server.

DS Expert has a software agent located at each NetWare server that communicates network informa- tion to "tree monitor" software. The tree monitor is installed at one serv- er and monitors each NDS direc- tory tree. NetPro, in Scottsdale, Ariz. The company also has reorganized into two divi- sions: Enterprise Networking and Internet Business.

Stellar 1 line of TV set-top boxes. Nested NetWare will be used for applications such as high- quality digital audio and video, on-line information ser- vices, and control of intelli- gent home appliances. Seattle-based Stellar will use Nested NetWare in set-top boxes late in 1 NFS Share 1.

The company plans to develop Microsoft Corp. Windows NT agents for BindView, which will be available early next year, to enable users to perform asset manage- ment, configuration management, security auditing, and disk space management on Windows NT net- works from Novell Inc. NetWare servers. By the end of , users will be able to manage Net- Ware and NT servers from the same console, company officials said. BindView users said they like the strategy.

It's completely different from what they have been doing. Motorola Computer Group intro- duced the V. The Premier modem sup- ports data rates of The Lifestyle New Media Corp. Users set a manual switch to match the voltage of the PBX system. SafeSend is due to ship an.

Supra Corp. Sup- porting data speeds of An external version will ship by Jan. Motorola, in Huntsville, Ala. New Media is at Angia can be reach- ed at Supra, in Van- couver, Wash. Logicode is at ServerStor 2. ServerStor 1. It supports tape libraries as well as single media drives, and allows users to set mi- gration parameters based on file age and activity, and disk utilization.

The fault-tolerant server software, called High Availability Serv- er, creates a stand-in server by polling mul tiple NetWare servers at regular intervals. All file changes, along with file histories, are recorded on a re- dundant server that becomes avail- able to users within 15 seconds of a primary server's failure. McAfee can be reached in Santa Clara, Calif. The upgrade includes reporting and scheduling features to monitor failed log-ins, deletion of files, and security changes across mixed OS platforms.

AuditTrack 2. In addition, data can be export- ed into spreadsheet and database applications. On Technol- ogy, in Cambridge, Mass. Or tried to access a Web page with a lot of graphics or animation? You need some serious baud. Introducing Xircom's new CreditCard Modem The And like they always say, time is money. So if you buy the CreditCard Modem That's just the beginning. Buying a Xircom CreditCard Modem Because one day, you know there will be a modem with a hotter baud.

And you know you'll want it. And when you do, you can trade in your current modem and get a major discount on a new one. Of course, there are lots of other great things about Xircom's CreditCard Modem Like digital line protection to keep your modem from getting fried if you accidentally connect it to a PBX. Flash ROM so you can upgrade your modem card with the latest software releases. Headache-free installation. Great customer support.

Guaranteed compatibility with more notebooks. And when you buy a PC card from Xircom, you're in good company. Because Xircom's mobile networking users outnumber everyone else five to one. So get your CreditCard Modem And if you can't find it on your own, call us at ext. Xircom The Mobile Networking Experts. CI Xircom. Xircom is a registered trademart of Xircom. CreditCard Modem Xircom U S Headquarlars: Xircom Asia: 65 1. Wait just ono bit more I ast week, I shared with you a series of problems that arose from the evolution rather than the planned growth of our network.

We had used Microsoft Corp. The obvious solution was to seek out a pro- tocol that supported larger packet sizes and was designed to be more efficient. This lan- guage of the Internet, geeks, and Unix hackers has come a long way, even mak- ing it into mainstream organizations, including Big Blue. Now you can combine exceptional last document throughput willi seamless connectivity to virtual! Pull hi i-ad Mil of the sand and pick up the phone, if QMS today i i.

Comparing protocols, Novell Inc. Scale them up, though, and you get a few new problems, including packet size, questionable use of bandwidth, and, in some cases, scalability issues. I'm not com- plaining; I'm simply pointing out that these protocols weren't designed for WAN and enterprise applications. Local networks are easier to set up and operate using source- route bridging or server-based routing as in the case of IPX.

With volumes of traffic growing exponen- tially during the past year or two, the ineffi- ciencies of these protocols are leading to net- work failures and slowdowns in many local, campus, and enterprise networks. Still, the speed has costs. Second, you must be sure to have a routing infrastructure that can manage the IP- based traffic. Third, you need to ensure that your routing system is set up to support multiple path routing of the IP traffic. Proto- cols such as IPX can find their way home automatically, but IP must have explicit direc- tions.

Fourth, what about the IP stack itself? Do you use Microsoft's product? Also, some applications that work well over native protocols don't know how to work with IP. These issues are not deal killers; in fact, it's pretty clear that in the long term, I P wins.

Just be prudent in planning your switch-over and keep the users happy. Copyrighted materi Now may be the time to give up on WordPerfect. Recently, WordPerfect' users got some bad news. And they realized their word processing application may not be so perfect anymore. Novell" is looking to sell WordPerfect and PerfectOffice. Supported by a company that's here today, here tomorrow.

Try it for 90 days, and if you don't like it for any reason, we'll refund your money. And for those who take advantage of this promotion, we'll even dedicate a special help line to answer your questions. If you have any. With Lotus Word Pro's transparent file filter capabilities, you can transfer your WordPerfect files hassle-free. You can have Lotus SmartSuite risk-free. B for information. Or visit our home page at www. W ordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corporation.

Novell and PerfectOffice are registered trademarks of Novell. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Or this much fun. Now your Internet access couldn't be simpler. Just consider this your "Starrer Kit:'" Use a few; use them all. Use your imagination.

Built-in I. AN support allows companies, workgroups, and mobile users simultaneous access to the network, improving prtxlucmtv Warp Connect streamlines team- work, helping your companv work well together.

With IBM Antivirus, you get "install and forget" detection of over known viruses, as well as the ability to analyze and detect new and undocumented viruses. Because some people don't play nicely.. You get drag and drop linking of text, graphics, audio, and video. Create lists, tables and odier text elements without typing Information Presentation Facility IPH script tags all tags are done for you!

While odiers mav keep a messy rtxim w itli dieir toys scattered all over the place, you can diink of DB2 as your personal toy box. Novv's the time to build your own Web site! Don't be die onlv kid on the block without one! Now that's "secure upgrading"! Call now for details! Hot off the press! Ask for our new catalog.

All other registered trademark! Prices subject to change. Unix and Windows NT support is planned. The company expects to ship the product in May at Apple Computer Inc. That may change soon with the commercialization of the Inter- net and the emergence of software tools that simplify the creation and management of surveys via E-mail. Running on Windows 3. But E-mail surveys follow the direct-mail model and will irk users who object to unsolicited messages, said Nate Zelnick, editor of Internet Business Report, in New York.

The hatred of E-mail marketing is widespread. You consume time and bandwidth. Decisive Survey has a forms-based design tool for surveys, as well as facilities for export- ing survey data to databases and statisti- cal analysis software. Used in conjunction with mail software compliant with the Vendor Independent Messaging and Mes- saging API standards, Decisive Sur- vey extracts data from E-mail sur- veys as they are returned. Users said connectivity to other applications is a critical element for managing survey data.

Responses can be exported to statistical analysis packages. More than a dozen samples are included, cov- ering customer service, human re- sources, IS, and seminar evaluations. Decisive Technology, in Palo Alto, Calif. In his keynote speech last week. Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates described the "office of the future," in which desktop applica- tions will provide connectivity to the Internet. The service will provide busi- nesses with hosting services and develop- ment tools, including Vermeer Technologies Inc.

The company's Electronic Commerce Solutions Transaction Platform will begin market trials in April and will be rolled out commercially next October. Version 3. The software requires a sound card that supports full-duplex capabilities. The Support Information area contains software and technical bulletins and offers access to downloadable BIOS upgrades, drivers, and utilities. Read about Columbus, a Windows-based suite designed to provide access to the Internet and enterprise intranets.

Included are links to dozens of applets that will run under Hotlava-compatible browsers. Visit the Modem and Global Connectivity Center, read a monthly newslet- ter, or get information on hard drive and memory upgrades. Send URL suggestion! A joint committee is probably still pretending to agonize over minor differences between House Bill and Senate Bill , both of which miss the point entirely.

The rec- onciliation is probably still dominated as usu al by lawyers lobbying on behalf of organized special interests, in this case the huge local telephone monopolies. I've been finding out, alas, that more than a few of my Republican buddies are slimy politicians, too.

And we're both agreeing with Democ- rats in and around the White House. This tells you how much of a snit I'm in. To relieve my snit, I walked across the bridge to a small, quiet conference at MIT. There I ran into Internet pioneer Bob Kahn. Communications Infra- structure, What impact might Natural Monopoly have on the current shenanigans in Washington over telecommunications reform?

Kahn says CNRI is planning to publish 20 books of infrastructure history, and so it's too soon for the series to help much in shaping national information infrastructure. But I'm desperate. CNRI's telephone history shows how com- petition was important in the transition from telegraph to telephone. I think the book shows how to accelerate the transition from telephone to interactive home video, World Wide Web appliances, and other cool stuff like that.

We won't see any of this anytime soon if it's left to the complacent. Although state public utilities commissions and the Federal Communications Commis- sion were chosen in to be The New Deal's regulatory regime for telecommunica- tions,competitive models have worked before and after. For example, the Bell Co. That worked. In the s, the provision of long-distance tele- phone service was demonopolized. And now it's time to demonopolize local telephone service.

How else to light a fire under the companies we're expecting to pave the Information Superhighway? Why is it a priority of the pending legisla- tion to let the local monopolies into long dis- tance, which is already competitive?

Why is it a priority to encourage even greater concentrations of market power through telecommunications mergers? Congress, stop listening to monopoly lobbyists and start lis- tening to, er, well, me. It's the demonopoliza- tion of local telcos, stupid. The current legislation has been hijacked by the local telco monopolies in a lobbying coali- tion called The Alliance for Competitive Communication.

Thanks to them, about the only competitive thing left in the Telecommunications Act of or is that, at last report, it allows able TV companies to offer voice in competition with telcos. Anyway, whether or not there is a act, I'm prepar- ing for the Telecommunications Demonopolization Act of 1 By then a few more CNRI infrastructure histories and hopefully the rest of the wheeling and dealing Washington elite will be out. Bob Metcalfe invented Ethernet in and founded 3Com Corp. New customer information is auto- matically copied to a company's customer records database.

Web- Trak can also be used to trigger sales tasks, such as sending product information to customers and scheduling sales calls. The software also helps users manage sales leads derived from the Home page. What they do want is customer support problem resolution. They also want interac- tive selling systems — the ability to get on the Web and type in all of your needs and get back a config- ured solution based on your needs.

Most companies doing Web stuff haven't even surveyed their users to see what they want on the Web. It would've been better to put in a tool that dumps questions into a help desk application rather than a sales application on the Web. Aurum, in Santa Clara, Calif. RWeb, which ships with the company's RBase 5. Database forms created in RBase's visual development environ- ment are automatically displayed on the World Wide Web, requir- ing no Hypertext Markup Language design.

Microrim is based in Bellevue, Wash. Coi The fastest, most intelligent, most convenient ways to get custom price quotes from leading systems manufacturers. Are these evaluation units? This is a quote for: 4. How many units are you planning on purchasing? What CPU do you want installed? How much RAM do you want installed? How many hard drives do you want installed? What capacity hard drives do you want installed? What type of video do you want installed? What additional drives do you want installed?

Write in code A 1. What operating systems do you want installed? Vendors will respond to your request directly. When will you be purchasing these products? And you don't have to wait. Very smart. You get the quotes you want from top systems manufacturers, through InfoQuote's electronic service.

Manufacturers will respond directly to you with your quo- tation. But, of course, Iomega isn't going to do that. According to an Iomega spokesman, the com- pany will begin including the Win95 tools with the Zip drive about the time this is pub- lished.

Those who did not receive the coupon none of Zip customers I talked to had can call Iomega service to request it, he added. I get the feeling Iomega has real- ized that the few extra bucks they've been getting on the Win95 software isn't worth the risk of alienating cus- tomers on what has been a very hot product. Another company that ap- pears to have changed its mind on a Win95 up- grade issue, at least in one mall respect, is Symantec. Shortly after Win95 shipped, the Gripe Line received a message from an IS manager in an unusual situation.

His compa- ny was a longtime Norton customer and had a workstation site license for Norton Desktop for Windows. Come Aug. There is no Norton Desktop for Windows 95, because Symantec is selling the Win95 versions of the Desktop utilities sepa- rately. Because he had paid for upgrade insurance on the whole Desktop package, I could cer- tainly understand why he fell that way. And when I asked Symantec officials about it, they could, too. Symantec now says Desktop cus- tomers with upgrade insurance will receive all the Win95 utilities and should by now have received a letter notifying them of that fact.

If you're in that situation, let me know if you got your letter and upgrade, because my IS man- ager is still waiting for his. We already know about the hidden costs; let's make sure every- body knows about the hidden freebies, too. Ed Foster's Gripe Line examines issues raised by readers concerning product quality, cus- tomer service, and sales practices. Info World readers can leave gripes by messaging gripe infoworld. PC debate.

And another reader presents a thoughtful response to Stewart Alsop's recent column saying Notes is not really an applications platform. See Distributed Thinking, Oct. But among the most interesting letters you've sent recently are those responding to a recent Peer to Peer by Robert Lewis Oct.

PC vs. Mac: Game over? IN this time of great division among people in opinions and ideology, your editors are doing all your readers a disservice by "trolling" with flagrantly sensationalist out- takes such as the one from Scott D.

See To the Editor, Nov. Whatever happened to responsible jour- nalism? Dennis T. Cheung New Hyde Park, N. PC debate in these pages over the recent weeks. To me, the whole cur- rent discussion misses the point entirely. Having overlapping windows, scroll bars, pull-down menus, and so on was won- derful. These tools allowed Macintosh appli- cations not only to be easier to use than their PC equivalents, but to all work basically the same way.

The Mac was vastly superior — no doubt about it. It had problems, such as less expand- ability and too little memory, but those were taken care of couple of years later. But Steve Jobs had warned us that the Mac would only be a viable architecture for seven years, after which it would be replaced by the next generation.

The Mac is now not only old but is four years past the point when Apple or some- body else should have replaced it with an equal jump ahead. The whole Mac vs. Dorset, who was convicted of driving without due care and attention and admined liability. Car boot find A valuable painting stolen unty hospital for an indefinite five years ago has been recov- penod after admitting man- ered after a man took it to Flower girl: Claire Rosie, aged eight, from Flotta, Orkney, waiting to present a bouquet to the Queen at the Royal Opera House last night before a performance of Don Giovanni to mark the 40th anniversary of her accession period after admitting man- slaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Yesterday he expressed his profound and sincere regret to Emma's family and friends at their terrible loss. My decision was a difficult one. I acknowledge that it was wrong. He should be given the opportu- nity to fulfil this potential. Maria Spence, aged 39, travelled miles to find a place to dump the body, the Central Criminal Coun was told by David Paget, for the prosecution.

Spence, a mother of two, lured Derek Willis, aged He was stamped on so vio- lently that all but two of his ribs were broken. He was also stabbed and his throat was slit He died from shock, and asphyxia from having his chest crushed. The court' was told that Spence hid the body in a wardrobe arid -asked her brother to help to move it into the van. She said there were books inside and it would be best if they stayed put and he agreed.

On her arrest. I didn't mean to kill him. I never meant it to go that far. She had admitted attempting to per- vert the course of justice. Anthony Kilty, aged ' The An Loss Register, a private list of stolen art. The work is thought to belong to the Marquess of Bute.

PC Gordon Finnie. His brother has repaid the money. Jail criticised Serious overcrowding in two wings of Hull prison is criti- cised today in a report by Judge Tumim, chief inspec- tor of prisons, as being unac- ceptable. It says that some cells are dirty, poorly decorat- ed and covered in graffiti. The princess is colond-in-chief of the Royal Hampshires. In a letter to all 17 governors, the new parent-teacher associ- ation at Stratford school de- mands the immediate resig- nation of the four.

Ghulam Shaida, chairman of the governors, Sikender Ali, vice-chairman, and Tom Roche and Harbhajan Singh, both teacher-gover- nors, have led opposition to Anne Snelling, the headmis- tress. Mis Snelling was suspended by the gover- nors last month, then re-in- stated after the intervention of Kenneth Clarke, the educa- tion secretary.

Mr Shaida said that the meeting had been called without proper authority. The school opted out of Newham borough council's control in April last year, since when its roll has risen from to One of those, Barbara Scivetti, said yester- day that parents were over- whelmingly in support of Mrs Snelling. Bob Balchin, chairman of the Grant Maintained Schools Foundation, which advises opted-out schools, ad- dressed a full assembly about the dispute yesterday morn- ing.

Police were called to the school on Friday after Mr Shaida was refused permis- sion to address the lower school assembly. He and Mr Singh, who has already been suspended by Mrs Snelling and re-instated by the gover- nors, allegedly locked them- selves in an office. Part of a set of four, they will be issued on February 24 nantiy Asian school.

Low-flying jets make eggs go white From corporate pant to new- born company, whatever size your business is, BTs Meridian family have a phone system designed to fit With the latest additions, the Norstar Modular and the Meridian 1 Option 1L we now offer a complete range of systems.

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Afterwards we found birds piled up and suffocat- ed in one house and 50 dead in another. Your customers need never be disap- pointed. Features, flexibility and user friendliness. Phone us on for more information and find the package in your size.

Then, as your company evolves, the system evolves with iL Phones, extensions and new facilities can be added quickly and simply. Hence expanding the system needn't disrupt business and is cost effective. Not only his looks were decep tive. He would have looked as at home on a beach in Bali as a Californian surfer behind a dealing desk in the City.

His clients warmed to him. Here was a normal person, someone who called a spade a spade and who had not forgotten his humble roots in a Man- chester suburb. Someone they could trust. But jetsetter he was. He drank Veuve Ctiquot champagne and took holidays in the Caribbean. During the boom years of the Eighties. The col- lapse of his investment em- pire in May triggered a chain of events that ruined countless lives and brought scorn on the trade and indus- try department, which li- censed Barlow Gowes in The payments were a humanitarian gesture.

The government accepted no blame for the collapse and is now pursuing for recompense any financial institution in- volved in recommending Bar- low Gowes. The Peter Gowes story reads like a best-seller. A working class boy. After ten years selling pots and pans over the counter he chose a career in life insurance and joined In- ternational life, a British company linked to the notori- ous Investors Overseas Ser- vices, run by Benue Cornfdd.

Barlow Clowes was bom. By For elderly investors seek- ing a safe income in retire- ment, Barlow Clowes seemed the perfect choice, offering high rates of interest no hidden charges, and instant access to funds. Best of all the money was invested in securi- ties backed by the govern- ment What could be safer?

So the money came pour- ing in. By now. Gowes had begun expanding for beyond his original brief. He had investments in. Peter Clowes, the man investors thought they could trust, and the trappings of a flamboyant lifestyle funded by their savings, Boukephalas, above right,, bought from Christina Onassis, and one of his four personal jets In , as Britain soared into one of the str o ngest bull markets of the century. Bar- low Gowes Gilt Managers, as it was then called, won the trade department's stamp of appruwfl.

Barlow Gowes In- ternational was founded in. Gibraltar in Two years later, in spring , the empire fell apart On. May Barlow Gowes Gilt Managers was placed in provisional liquidation at the request of the Securities and Investments Board, then a month old.

Cheshire, as he drove to buy his morning newspapers. He was charged with perverting the course of justice. Therags- to-ri ches story was over. For the first time, investors read of the Boukephalas. Td No. There was no end to the Stories. When the storm broke. Clowes was adamant that he had done nothing wrong. He promised investors in the Gibraltar fund that, they would be fully reimbursed within a year. He was arrested soon afterwards. Even as the investigations continued. Clowes found it impossible to Shrug off his flamb oyant image.

Ru- mours about fixe company are later reported to the DTf. October — DTI renews licence. April — Barlow Crowes Gilt Managers reverses into James Ferguson, a loss-mak- ing textile firm, with Clowes as chairman and chief executive.

October — DTI, dissat- isfied with monitoring re- turns from Barlow Clowes, appoints investigators, but renews licence nevertheless. Jane 7. T-Joint liquids. Guy :tois appointed to wind up ' Vort' Cramer, Peter Naylor. Bjktow Clowes IpternatfaqaL and Christopher. Newman basal in Gibraltar. Clowes, in : arrested. June June 15, — Clowes arrested by fraud squad de- tectives and charged with perverting die course of jus- tice by destroying documents.

Government re je ct s calls to compensate investors. Jnty2,T — Trial opens at Chichester Rents. February 10, — Gowes convicted. Naylor convicted on one theft charge and acquitted of three theft charges and one of conspira- cy. Mr von Cramer and Mr Newman acquitted of afl charges. When fiie going was good. Here was an apparently reputable com- pany that advertised in re- spectable newspapers and promised high returns. Today, with the Financial Services Act, investors can rest a little easier when they hand over their cheques.

But it makes you wonder. He did an awful lot of harm to an awfiil lot of people. No amount of compensation makes tip for that. Mr Jebson, a diabetic, retired early when his sight began to fafl. Disbelief and panic gave way to fury. The anger returned when the Jebsons heard that a court had granted Gowes El. I would hope they have an done as we have now and put their money into something much safer. The couple, both aged They had sent us literature which said not to declare earnings on your income tax return.

It seemed odd. After a week or so. Bat we never really expected to get the money back. Uke so many other investors with Barlow Gowes. No matter what Gowes is sen- fencMto, that will never make up for the suffering be put others through. In his report on the affair, Sir Anthony Barrowclough, the parliamentary ombuds- man, said the trade depart- ment was guilty of significant maladministration in its han- dling of Barlow Gowes.

Touche Ross, the auditor, a stockbroker and two firms of London solicitors are being sued for alleged negligence concerning James Ferguson Holdings, which bought Bar- low Gowes in In December Six months laier. After an audit by. The licence was renewed in September and Barlow Clowes applied to the Stock Exchange for membership in January In October In April , the DTI received an interim report and a prohibition order was served on the com- pany by.

A provisional liquidator was appointed on May The government has agreed to implement in foil the recommendations of the new review body haired by Sir Graham Day, chairman of British Aerospace. The bonuses of between El.

Sir Graham's group has delayed consideration of the changes sought by Mr Clarke to introduce performance-re- lated pay. While accepting the principle, the review body raised a number of difficulties in constructing a fair system. A scheme to reward whole schools, rather than individ- ual teachers, may be intro- duced in The National.

This cannot be seen in isolation from past settlements. However, some deterioration seems likely as the economy moves nut of recession. For the first time in three years, the increase -will be paid in full, rather than being phased in over several months. Classroom teachers will receive tiie same as heads and deputies because the re- view body found no case for widening differentials for a third successive year. The extra incentives will mean that 7 per cent of all teachers receive some allow- ance for special resonsflriliiy or high performance.

All pri- mary schools will benefit from the change, which should see The last time, they received a signifi- cant real terms increase was just before the elec- tion. However, dentists may end up with a pay cut. The British Dental Association called the 8. Last month, the depart- mem published a survey showing that a quarter of dentists are turning away some NHS patients as they increase private practice.

The Doctors and Dentists Review Body says that a sur- vey shows dentists working longer hours, and coping with more work and admin- istration. The British Medical Asso- ciation said that doctors needed a 10 per cent rise this year to stop them from faffing behind comparable profes- sions.

The report says that the new GP contract, with targets for immunisations and cervi- cal smears, is acknowledged as a great success by die department and the BMA. Nurses and midwives are to receive rises averaging 5. Senior house officer Registrar. The awards foiled to satisfy the nursing and health unions. The health union. The Royal College of Nursing said that nurses would "slip down the pay ladder again".

They are being kept secret, no doubt for fear of embarrassing John Major and undermining his classless society propaganda. The increase, above infla- tion. The higher ranks receive a separate award, and military doctors and dentists are covered by the National Health Service pay rises. The government has agreed once again to pay the increase in folk fearing that a phased rise might provoke skilled personnel to leave the forces.

Warrant officers have been given a bigger rise, of 7. The Royal Navy and RAF equivalent ranks ear- marked for the extra 2 per cent are chief petty officer and master aircrew. The additonal money for warrant officers means that the aver- age armed forces pay rise amounts to 6 per cent, com- pared with In recommending the rise, the armed forces pay review body said that the increase Rank was intended to be sufficient- ly generous to maintain ade- quate recruitment and reten- tion of experienced person- nel.

The rise indudes the so- called X factor, which takes into account the various ad- vantages and disadvantages of serving in the forces. Under the recommended rise, accepted fully-. Band 2 Private rv. Band i Last year, brigadiers re- ceived the biggest rise of all.

Reserve forces will have to wait until next year for a review of bounty payments. Hie defence ministry has an- nounced the outcome of a review into the reserve forces, but it was published too hue to indude pay recommenda- tions in time for yesterday's report The ministry is expected to announce, later this week, new housing arrangements for the services to enable ben- efit to be taken from schemes now restricted to civilians. Britain won command of the land component of the rapid reaction force in the face of stiff German opposi- tion and is happy to see a Luftwaffe general take charge of the air arm.

Sheikh Ali Sabah al- Salem al-Sabah will sign a memorandum of understan- ding, covering equipment sales, joint exercises, plan- nine and training. Toshiba, the world number one in portable PCs, now offer PCs with complete connectivity, which enable you to access your mainframe wherever you arc. We make machines from A4 notebooks to PCs with processors, MB hard disks and colour screens enabling you ro run even the most complex CAD software.

For full information on the Toshiba portables range, telephone free on With a Toshiba you can be in two places at once. Programmed Fuel injection. S' s r Power assisted steering. Cruise control. All round double wishbone suspension. S' Anti-lock braking system ABS.

Electric windows. Catalytic converter. S' Electric sunroof. Optional 4-speed automatic gearbox. Excellent resale value. Available as a saloon, Aerodeck estate and the soon to be launched CoupS. We challenge you not to be' impressed. At present, the trans- port department fixes a rite and finds an operator by putting a year lease out to tender. Lord Cavendish of Furness, for the govern- ment, told die Lords yes- terday at question time that such proposals were not worthy of consideration.

Taking cover Christopher Chope, the roads and traffic minister, is to discuss with the car insurance industry display- ing insurance discs on windscreens in an attempt to reduce the number of motorists driving without cover. Parliament today Commons 2.

Further and Higher Education BilL sec- ond reading and timeta- ble motion. Lords 2. John Prescott, the ihadow transport minister, de- nounced the plan and pledgecUo. Some- MPs were concerned that the green belt might be' affected by a greater number.

He indicated. For the Liberal Democrats, Ronald Fearn welcomed the move and said that smaller units had been needed for sometime. He proved it soon after his arrival as joint deputy direc- tor of the research depart- ment in January Dr Lewis, aged 40, does not believe in taking chances: he shreds his news- papers so that no one will know what articles he has cut oul Dr Lewis, a bachelor who drives to work on a pow- erful motorcycle, had sec- urity devices installed in his office, presumably to deter the enemies from within.

The bane of CND. At Cen- tral Office some of his new colleagues privately mut- tered that he made Mrs Thatcher look leftwing. He is described as a loner, and has few interests outside politics, and few friends at Central Office. Even his enemies concede that Dr Lewis, a Wend of the right-wing Freedom Associ- ation, provides excellent briefings to ministers on Labour's defence policy.

Writs flew as Dr Lewis exploited Labour's own rule book to gain control of the constituency party. Its mission in life was to harass CND. When Bruce Kent went on an American peace campaign tour in a member of Dr Lewis's org- anisation always arrived be- fore him. In Dr Lewis was briefly arrested, but not charged, for breach of the peace. He laughs at suggestions that he is out to discredit opponents. At:a press conference with- - John. Harriet Hannan, the shad- ow health spokesman, said patients were being driven into private health care as the Tories allowed the NHS to be run down.

Mr Cook gave away few secrets about his new health document, which is expected to be published soon. Health authorities and NHS trusts have been asked to bid for E4. Michael Howard, the em- ployment secretary, told the Commons yesterday. Legisla- tion would be brought in as soon as possible to give them statutory protection against victimisation, he said. Mr Howard rejected de- mands to amend the Offshore Safety Bin to include the pro- vision. Moving the second reading of the bill, he said that protection from victimi- sation was an employment as opposed to a safety issue, and to introduce it in the bill might delay it.

Legislation would be introduced when a suitable vehicle presented itself. The bill before the House yesterday implements many of the recommendations made by Lord Cullen in his report on the Piper Alpha dis- aster of July , in which 67 men died after an explo- sion on the North Sea oil rig. Senior transport depart- ment sources said Malcolm Rifkind.

They indicated that an an- nouncement would be made before the end of the month. Mr Rifkind has Insisted on selling ImerCity, the only consistently profitable pan of the network, as a going con- cern. John Major has been arguing fora revival of the old regional railway companies. By the end of last month the two sides appeared to have reached an impasse, with Downing Street sources sug- gesting that the white paper might be delayed until after the election.

Miss it and they could easily go under. That's where Callback could prove to be a. Exclusive to the Cellnet mobile network. Callback is more than an answering machine. It takes all calls made to your cellphone when you are not available. It then calls them back to you when you are. That way you don't miss a thing. Not an appointment, not an order, not a job. Otherwise clip the coupon or call the number below.

BusinassTeiephone Number. Yesterday armed officers and court bai- liffs were on hand to protect him in case any of his victims tried to attack him or any of his former agents tried to rescue him. The trial is rhe first so far of "senior members of the former communist regime, whose punishment is eagerly await- ed by East Germans who suffered under their rule. Al- though border guards who shot and killed escapers on the orders of men like Herr Mielke have faced trial, none of those giving the orders had yet been brought to justice.

But this trial is not to judge those crimes and threatens to prove an embarrassment because so far the only charge against the former Stasi lead- er is one that is 5S years old. It is based on evidence ob- tained by the Gestapo from witnesses who were known to have been tortured to name Mielke: allegedly lulled two policemen in him as the murderer of two policemen in There are no witnesses alive who can give evidence of hav- ing seen Herr Mielke kill them.

The charge was drawn up on a Nazi interpretation of a law of the old Weimar republic that has been rein- terpreted by the reunited Ger- many. Now aged Herr Mielke was the oldest man in' court yesterday. Theodor Sei- del, the chairman of the bench of six judges, was a month-old baby when the two were shot in the back. In November he applied for Argentine docu- ments using his real name.

Police investigations only started in He escaped to Paraguay in Herr Midke is being tried in the same court where Wood-pandled and gloomy, the high-ceflinged courtroom now looks as though it has never been re- decorated since those days. Yesterday die former Stasi leader, who claims he is too ill to stand trial at all. He was wearing the dark brown leather fedora which he wore as a kind of badge of office when in pow- er. He' sat propped up by a cane under one arm, peering out through the bullet-proof glass from under the brim of his hat A doctor is in perma- nent attendance -and three times yesterday the proceed- ings had to be stopped as Herr Mielke called feebly through his microphone for help.

Then it war. A rival demon- strator nearby had tit candles in memory of the two dead policemen. He was led away to his cell, where the guards have given him an unconnected telephone down which he is still said to shout orders to spies whom he no longer controls. Deputies converged on the town for a session of the assembly of the self-pro- claimed Republic of Serbian Krajina, railed by Mr Babic. But it was unclear yesterday how many deputies turned up as a rival assembly session on Sunday overwhelmingly ap- proved the plan.

The Yugoslav government yesterday informed the UN that there remained no obsta- cles to the planned deploy- ment of a Mile Paspalj. The flight marked file official start of Opera- tion Provide Hope. At Bishkek, in Kirghizia, above, soldiers unload a planeload of much need- ed Western medical and humanitarian aid.

Tenguit Sigoua, the Geor- gian prime minister, told a press conference that his gov- ernment would not stop. Mr Gamsakhurdia leaving if he made a written request to do so. Mr Gamsakhurdia, who fled the Georgian capital Tbi- lisi on January 6, is a personal friend of the Chechen presi- dent, Dzhokhar Dudayev, who offered him asylum when the siruation in Tbilisi turned violent in December.

We drove into the embat- tled Azeri enclave of Shusha at night through a snow- storm. According to officials in the Azeri capital, Baku. The road, however, is protected by Azeri villages, and as long as it can be kept open, Shusha can be supplied with food.

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And a penny saved is a penny earned. Just ring free of charge. Then one of our Financial Specialists will contact you. Or if you simply want to find out more call into any. I CM No. The American Srare De- partment has just announced ihai it is sweeping away most of its longstanding Cold War restrictions on conracrs with individual Russians.

Bui de-' spite the new treaties, procla- mations of friendship, airlifts of food and co-operation be- tween Washington and Mos- cow, romantic entanglements are off limits. The State Department has revised its rules for its diplo- mats in Moscow, St Peters-; burg and at new embassies in Ukraine. Belorassia, Arme- nia. Kazakhstan and Kirghi- zia. The American embassy, which employed Soviet. Russia has taken oyer all the travel re- strictions formerly imposed by the Soviet : authorities. These forbid 'free movement by diplomats and journalists beyond 25 miles from the centre of Moscow,.

The Foreign Office would - be happy to drop all the nig- gling restrictions imposed in retaliation. It is waiting for. Moscow to. Meanwhile, polite tea parties and cross-country ski- ing with Russians will be dis- cretely encouraged. But nothing too serious, please. Water has been cut off since last August.

A few houses in Shusha have been hit, and there are some civilian casualties in he hospital, including a young man hit on the street by snip- er fire. Groups of refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh, where Azeris used to make up a quarter of the population, are scattered in several nearby Azeri towns.

Their menfolk mingle with the crowds of jobless Azeri youths who hang around the main squares. Many called on the Azer- baijan government to give them arms, and some railed for die Armenians to be driv- en out of Nagorno-Karabakh to make room for Azeris driv- en out of Armenia.

A local Azeri official said that he thinks this will be the only solution to the conflict, as neither the Armenian nor the Azeri, government win be able for internal political reasons to make a compromise. All the Azeris with whom I spoke were bitter both with the West, for alleged pro- Armenian bias, and with Russia, because they claim that the Russian regiment in Stepanakert has been selling arms to the Armenians in return for dollars provided by Armenian communities in the West.

Eleven soldiers Gtiacfesfamg: Three German warships are to sail to Varna, Bulgaria, and deliver 30 tonnes of medical equipment It will be the first time that German naval vessels have entered, die Black Sea since the second world war, the naval command said. Reuter Hot Hues Rone: Train drivers and ticket collectors have received portable telephones to stem thefts on Italian railways.

Carlo Bernini, die transport minister, fold parliament More than 4, people were charged with theft in the fust six months of Reuter Spy pardoned Rome: President Cossiga told reporters that be pardoned a Soviet citizen whored a Soviet industrial espionage ring, smashed in Reuter Busmen strike Pragne: Bus drivers in west- ern Czechoslovakia went on a hour strike, disrupting services in more than 70 cities, in protest against cuts in state subsidies.

More than 85 per cent of drivers joined the stoppage which also hit inter-city lines. The court said that she was free fa her private life to purchase the goods of her choice. It is a pleasant place, even in win- ter, with many old houses of golden grey stone. Shusha has long bran an Arena ad-' turn centre and the home and school of famous musicians.

This parity explains the Azeri determination to hold the town, which is now their main remaining enclave in the disputed territory of Na- gomo-Karabaoh. Eta, set off another car bomb in Spain yesterday,. Felipe Gonzalez, the Spanish prime minister, authorised unprecedentedly tough action against its sympathisers. Leopoldo Torres the attor- ney-general, yesterday filed cnminal charges against three leading members of Herd Batasuna, the radical Basque separatist party which is widely regarded as the political wing of Eta.

Jon Idigoras. Adolfo Arab, is on the nat- ional executive of Herri Batasuna. Sen or Idigoras cannot be arrested until his parliamentary immunity is lifted. A policeman was killed In an interview with Richard Owen and Frank Smith, the Spanish prime minister says that Basque aiemllas and; their supporters wm fan in their attempts to spoil the 1 festivities yesterday when a car bomb' exploded in the town of Mur- da in southeastern Spain, after a telephone call from a man.

It was the second such attack by Eta in the past five days, iast Thursday, five people, four of them members of the Span- ish army, were blown up in central Madrid. Eta terrorism. The Commission will today decide its outline ideas for financing the new powers agreed in the Maastricht treaty and the 12 govern- ments will then argue about the final figures until at least the end of the year.

The new budget will make at least three countries — France, Denmark and Italy — net contributors. The Community, M Delors will tell the European parlia- ment tomorrow, will have to spend more to reform the expensive common agricul- tural policy CAP , subsidise the poorer Mediterranean economies, and beef up its foreign policy. French and German politi- cians are belatedly aware that talks with America on world trade may fail to achieve liberalisation — particularly in food — and that Europe will suffer.

Community farm ministers yesterday began an- other session devoted to farm reform but without any sign that agreement is dose or that American anxiety is pushing the ministers any faster. He may have been no more than a general practitioner, but proximity to power has its rewards when it comes to the an- cient art of pulling strings. Pistonnage also paid off for a Parisian journalist whose cherished only son was called up to his m3i- tary service in the wilds of eastern France.

Through his wife, he knew a senior official in the defence min- istry; a telephone call or two were made, a favour or two called in, and the young man was magically transferred to a regiment garrisoned on the outskirts of Paris. After alL it exists — some would say thrives — at every level of French society.

The Iyc6e Ffenflon gladly accepted the daugh- ter of the distinguished film maker. Louis Malle, provided he was on hand to. These are crimes under the constitution. Senor Gonzalez is under pressure to deal not only with terror- ism but also with official corruption, which critics say is tarnishing the Image of - Spain just as it is thrust into the international spotlight.

Cardinal Enrique Taran- cfln. Catholic church, recently declared that- corruption was now more rife than it had been under Franco. Just over a year ago. Alfon- so Guerra, the deputy prime minister, left the government after one of. It is a reflection of the exasperation of the opposition parties, who real- - Gonzdlez: determined ise that they have little chance of coming to power. Senor GonzAJez has been prime minister for ten years, and his Socialist party has domi- nated Spanish political life for the past decade.

His critics, including much of the Span- ish press, maintain that he spends more time tending his remarkable collection of bonsai trees at the Mondoa- complex, his well-guarded residence on the outskirts of Madrid, than in defending his policies to the Cones, the Spanish parliament. Yester- day Seflor Gonzilez insisted that although the Cortes has no equivalent of question time, H 1 put in more hours in parliament than any of my European colleagues, in- cluding the British prime minister".

He said the Span- ish economy, which has an annual growth rate of 2. But he insisted — with a grin —that he had no intention of abandoning Spanish politics to become president of the European Commission in succession to Jacques Delors. Fill in the boxes to see what your company can save on its phone bill. On every call, a Panasonic system can choose the cheapest available network. BT or up to 6 others.

If it saves 25p per person per day. Multiply 15 by the number in your company. A Panasonic display phone can also show the cost of calls as you speak. Multiply 6 by the number in your company. Call barring. Multiply 3 by the number in your company. Message-taking, paging, and intercom functions can save 3 short calls per person per day. Multiply 18 by the number in your company.

A further 20p per person per day could be charged to a client thanks to Panasonic's call itemisation. The Panasonic digital system can also improve your overall efficiency. For example, it lets chosen outside callers dial straight through to any extension. You can use basic handsets, fully featured keyphones or a mixture of both. So the system adapts to the nature of your company. Of course our figures are just theoretical. You might save rather less. On the other hand you might save a lot more.

So add up the boxes and see what you could save. If you like what you see, write here. Berks RG12 8FP. Cal free on any lime or during office hours. Fax: Name Position.. While the rest of their coun- trymen focused on the disap- pointments of the winter Olympics, there was pleasure in the White House that the diplomatic vice-president, backed by some hard men from the US Senate, had played so tough a game against the Nato Europeans.

Mr Quayle. Either there is no American military presence or. Mr Quayle, reflecting White House poli- cy. Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, a staunch friend of Nato. General John Gal- vin. Nato's commander, said that time was short if Europe wanted to show US primary voters that it wanted a visible American force. It is claimed by left and right, conservative Democrats such as the Vir- ginia governor, Douglas Wilder, old-fashioned liber- als, such as Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, and right- Quayle: emphasis on trade as security issue wing Republicans led today by Patrick Buchanan, the presidential challenger.

In itself that says little. Few voters anywhere would reject a notion that their country be put before others, particularly when a recession is strong and a long-time foreign ad- versary has just Iain down and died. Further troop withdrawals from Europe are also almost universally popular. The cur- rent White House plan is for When senators describe the trend of support for halving ihai number, they are idling the truth.

Opposition to the foreign aid budget can also be guar- anteed to win applause at the hustings. When money is short, everyone wants it in his own pocket rather than ' the pocket of someone whose country he has never heard of. Trade protectionism, how- ever, is much more controver- sial. Mr Quayle was right to point out the failure of past ' protectionist campaigns in American politics.

The administration is get- ting increasingly angry that its determination to achieve freer markers, most impor- tantly through the Gatt round, is meeting so little response in Europe. Officials feel cheated by German half- promises made at the time of unification that agricultural subsidies within the EC would be reduced. American troops in Europe are the one ieverwhich Wash- ington has. The White House hopes that, by describing the pressures to withdraw them completely and its own det- ermination to withstand the pressure, it can make progress where progress has been so hard to make in the past During his London talks, Mr Quayle is also likely to report on his visit to the Baltic states, and will tell Mr Major about his meeting with Helmut Kohl, tire German chancellor.

The attempt to station UN troops in Yugoslavia will be a main topic. Islamic radicals blamed for unrest Weighty evidence: a Japanese drip hauling aboard a Minke whale in the Atlantic. A Greenpeace vessel docked in Fremantle.

Western AnstraKa, alter weeks monitoring Japanese catches, winch may violate international law Egypt arrests Japanese leader heads for fall From Christopher Walker in Cairo By Joanna Pitman EGYPT claimed yesterday to have uncovered a plot linked to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow die moderate government of President Mubarak and re- place it with one run oh fun- damentalist lines. The announcement quoted Muhammad Abdel-Halim Moussa, the interior minis- ter.

The minister said foreign finance was provided for die plot, and a Cairo research company conducting opinion polls on such sensitive issues as rising prices had been used as a cover. Opposition sources said police raids on the com- pany discovered documents showing that militants in- volved in the plot had re- ceived weapons training in Afghanistan.

The alleged plot, considered by Arab sec- urity officials to have been the most serious in a number of attempts to destabilise the Arab world's most populous nation in recent months, was seen as a spillover of the widening unrest in Algeria. Cairo has backed attempts t to stem the fundamentalist ' tide in Algeria and is under- stood to have sent : internal security experts to help in the struggle. Today, three months into his longed-for premiership, Mr Miyazawa mity well be on verge of tears again.

On Sunday. Mr Yoshida won an easy victory after a campaign in which he successfully mined a seam of popular discontent; attract- ing votes of protest against a prime minister whose image is being smeared daily with new allegations of corruption scandals in the LDP. Some analysts believe he has become such a liability that he will be replaced before the July ejection.

Keigo Ouchi, the chairman of the opposition Democratic Socialist -paity r told. Shin Kanemaru and Mr Takeshita, to bring down the prime minister. Mr Miyazawa may have vaunted his internationalist views. It is becom- ing increasingly apparent that he is another figurehead with scant executive powers of -his own. The three months that Mr Miyazawa has been in office- have been charac- terised by deadlock and disaster.

Lawyers spar over Tyson image New Ultra Chloraseptic has one aim. To work fast on the pain of a sore throat To do this it has a special applicator so you can spray it directly. And like the original Chloraseptic, new Ultra Chloraseptic goes to work immediately to relieve the pain.

It comes In a handy portable size and holds 27 doses at recommended dosage levels. D efence and prosecu- tion lawyers yesterday implored the jury in India- napolis to believe starkly contrasting portraits of Mike Tyson, one depicting the boxer as the victim of an over-achieving young temptress, and the other casting him as a criminal who set out to trap a stars truck young teenager.

It was an insult to the jury's intelli- gence. MsWashington tojijs hotel The jury is being presented with two starkly contrasting portraits of the boxer — victim or criminal —writes Charles Bremner from Indianapolis room at 2am in Indianapo- lis last July.

I ask you to find: him guilty as charged on all counts. M s Trathen made much of the high es- teem Tyson was held in Ms Washington's family and as a role model for black America, an element which has reached for beyond the.. Vhose father idotfsed. This was not.

This was Mike Tyson. Despite what. Ms Trathen. In practice, most rapists in Indiana are sentenced to about seven years in prison and are -released after four. His lawyers have already said, they. But me prosecution ham- mered home' the credibility of witnesses who said the -young woman was in a state of shock immediately after leaving.

Calm has now returned to Algeria after a weekend of violence and troops are re- ported to have withdrawn from fundamentalist strong- holds in Algiers, the capita. At least 40 people were killed. It said he should stick to selling cars to Japan instead of plotting to overthrow Presi- dent S add am Hussein. The riposte followed reports that America had sent Robert Gates, the CIA chief, on a clandestine Middle East tour to bring pressure against Saddam before the first anni- versary this month of the end of the Gulf war.

Before tens of millions of television viewers and a packed stadium, Johnson scored a game-record 25 points to take his Western Conference team to a 1 point victory over the I Easton Conference. But some of them fled again and have been allowed to apply for US asylum. The Bur- mese have never come so dose before. Burma's alterna- tive government set up by elected politidans driven into the jungle by the Rangoon junta is also based here. Military leaders are telling the people on television and radio that the new offensive which they call Operation Dragon King is the final step towards smashing the Karen rebellion.

Fearing air attacks some civilian families have left Manerplaw but morale is high among those still here. They are confident of holding on at least for another year. Burmese offensives are an annual event in this area but this time they are using many more troops. The armed forces have almost doubled their manpower in the past four years. The Karens say they have seen Chinese officers advising the Burmese at artillery bases near Manerplaw. Despite those advantages the Burmese have had to abandon their original plan for crossing the Salween and have been unable to capture Sleeping Dog Peak, the top of a huge ridge towering above the river.

From there they could bombard Manerplaw. The Karens have surround- ed a Burmese company of about men below the ridge and are inflicting heavy casualties. Karen casualties were 20 killed and 75 wound- ed. Thai intelligence sources. GeoeralUo Mya said all dem- ocratic forces in Burma now supported the Karens. If Bur- mese forces were to cross into Thailand to attack from that side Manerplaw which is pro- tected on its other flanks by rivers and mountains would probably be.

The Thais have just strengthened their border forces and Bur- mese soldiers stopped build- ing a bridge across the Moei river marking the border with Thailand after Bangkok threatened to use force if work continues.. Operation Dragon King has been marked by some of the worst atrocities commit- ted by the Burmese junta. Many of the Raj images. India chose not to smash them up, and to this day a couple of desultory chow- kidars lounge around on Barefoot homage: the princess at the wreath-laying for Mahatma Gandhi c harpoys brewing chai and shooing away potential van- dals.

At night they lock the tall gates of a walled and fenced compound to protect the cracked and stained rel- ics. It is an odd ritual; it shows that the past is not entirety despised. One of the enigmas of India is its lack of rancour over British rule. In Calcut- ta, Bombay, and Madras, there are still statues aplenty from British times, exactly where they were left in Au- gust This tolerance, blending with an abiding curiosity about the Raj, ex- plains the phenomenal gushing in the Indian Eng- 1 lish-languagepress over this.

On their arrival yester- day. They later laid wreaths at the Raj Ghat, where Ma- hatma Gandhi was cremat- ed after his assassination in At a banquet at the former palace of the Nawab of Hyderabad, now convert- ed into a government guest house, the vice-president said Britain had traditional- ly been one of the biggest investors in India. The prince is taken very seriously in India. The paper also published an official photo- graph of the couple.

The English-language press is inclined to be positive about the visit there is even a i sense that the prince, with his talk of the soul and the cosmos, is at home in the East. The Times Of India reck- oned that there was no place more appropriate for the prince.

Sharma, its London correspondent, said. His connection with India- is also linked through- the memory of Lord Mountbai- ten. The princess barely got a mention in the press when she visited Paki- stan a few months ago, ex- cepr when there was a. But then, India feels the past more keenly. Leading article, page 13 merit and illness, according. Some commit-' ted suidde.

Soldiers prom-. His : lungs have been damaged by blows from rifle butts and his. Khin Khin Soe, an Arakanese flower seUr er aged. Naw Wah - Wah, aged 17, was collecting - firewood when soldiers took her away. It used dynamite to block roads, halted busloads of people, and reinforced the border with India on the eve of a planned suidde march today by separatist leaders.

The moves were matched by India, which laid mines along the frontier on the route of the march. This was evident in the small aty of Muzaffarabad last night when 5. The rally, the first of its kind in Pakistan, was organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Lib- eration Front, which launched -the secessionist movement on the Indian side of Kashmir three years ago.

Am- ong the items up for sale are 24 letters written to his par- ents during the tour, in which he talks of friction with Jardine. He is difficult and whines away if he doesn't get everything he wants. Hurt's no more thon. Yet it could buy you a true performance cor with reoi individ- uality: the Atfa Romeo Discover the legendary flat four Boxer engine, now available in three guises: the 98 bhp 1.

You would expect no different from a Company thot has dedicated itself to producing performance cars for over 80 years. Nome Mr. Which model interests you? Lord Cobbold, the lord cham- berlain, satisfactorily explained that her private fortune had been ludicrously exaggerated. The probable figure could be deduced at around E20 million. If her advisers had made wise investments, this could now be a tidy sura.

But the Queen has had to spend capital and income on items such as Sandringham and Balmoral annual running costs Cl million;. In they made a profit of E61 million. True, sovereigns incur no death duties. But tax planning trusts preserve vast fortunes for the Westminsters and other multi-millionaires. We rapidly tired of republicanism under Cromwell and would do so if it emerged again. Despite reservations about a few unimportant junior royals and false media statements about the Queen's riches, it is dear that the public treasures the monarchy.

A change to the periodic election of an elderly politician makes no appeal nor does the sugges- tion that the monarchy should be humbler and less glamorous. The US has its flag and its president, but only we can impress the world with the splendid panoply surrounding our sovereign. The world envies us and holds us in far higher respect than it would otherwise.

Why change to something inferior? Evidence of an epidemic among heterosexuals has been proved to be a medical myth, says James Le Fanu The republican tide will soon be in retreat A conservatively estimated 16 mil- lion in Britain watched the whole 1 0 minutes of Elizabeth R on BBC1 last Thursday.

In France. The monarchy hardly seems to be tottering inevitably and speedily to its last days, as many wiseacres and soothsayers would have us believe. But the prospect of a European federal union with one central government grows daily more remote as the Germans and the French turn against it: Britain anyway would stubbornly veto it Agreement with professor Cannadine comes mainly from lacklustre defeatists who see Britain ever dwindling in importance, a cipher on the worid stage vaingloriously indulging in pomp.

There is an assumption that Scotland will secede from the UK, to be followed by Wales and Northern Ireland, leaving the Queen sovereign only in England. Actually the Queen, with her Scottish connections, is the best guaran- tee of the package holding together. Her supposedly fabulous I wealth consists principally of palaces, art j coflections, crown jewels and so forth, on which she cannot raise any cash but keeps in trust for her successors.

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Submit malware for free analysis with Falcon Sandbox and Hybrid Analysis technology. Hybrid Analysis develops and licenses analysis tools to fight malware. The empirical antibiotherapy was noted, and identification of bacterial species was done on CLED agar; antibiotic susceptibility testing was performed using. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the incidence of Yersinia enterocolitica in chicken meat by using culture method on selective medium and.