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Many people like trading foreign currencies on the foreign exchange forex market because it requires the least amount of capital to start day trading. Forex trades 24 hours a day during the week and offers a lot of profit potential due to the leverage provided by forex brokers. Forex trading can be extremely volatile, and an inexperienced trader can lose substantial sums. The following scenario shows the potential, using a risk-controlled forex day trading strategy. Every successful forex day trader manages their risk; it is one of, if not the most, crucial elements of ongoing profitability.

How to play metatrader forex forex trading platforms australia

How to play metatrader forex

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The next step is to create your accounts. You can either begin with a demo account if you are a beginner or create live accounts. Is MT4 free? Using a demo account is a great way to practice how to trade before risking real money. MetaTrader 4 demo accounts are free and allow you to know how to use the platform well before you open a live account.

They are usually the same as live accounts, and the only difference is that you are using virtual money. Also, the login process is the same, and it offers many features a live account has. For example, you can access indicators, historical data, and even copy trading. As a beginner, you may be wondering how to trade forex using MetaTrader 4.

But you should know that it is not very complicated as everything on the platform has been clearly indicated. MetaTrader 4 consists of 6 distinct sections that helps you navigate easily through the platform. They include; menu, toolbar, market watch, navigator, terminal, and chart workspace. So, how do I use MetaTrader 4? Take advantage of the new order button placed on the platform and then open a position. Depending on your trade, you can either choose instant execution or pending order. If you are going for the instant execution, you may need to determine whether your type of order is buy or sell.

If you feel the price market will increase, click buy, but click sell if you think it will fall. How do you buy and sell in MT4? When you open an order, you will be provided with two options: buy or sell. After you are satisfied with your entries, you can click either of those buttons to place your order. It is crucial to monitor your trades or open position so that you can close them successfully. From there, you can delete or close positions using X, which is always in the right corner of the column.

At first, it will be quite challenging to get all these tutorials, but you will learn them with time. It is important to get how to use MetaTrader 4 tutorial that explains everything from scratch to know how does MetaTrader 4 work and how you can use the platform to your advantage. Can I use MT4 without a broker? You cannot use MetaTrader 4 without a broker because the platform is licensed to brokers. Some of them include;. But some brokers provide wider spreads than others, so it will depend on the broker you are using.

MT4 is a legit platform that is used globally by many traders and brokers. The platform is one of the most popular platforms that is currently used for trading. MetaTrader 4 is a safe platform to use, but the trades are risky. So, when trading, use the best risk management tools to avoid making huge losses. Beginner forex traders can also utilize this platform to learn how to trade.

They can optimize the software and copy successful trades depending on their strategies. Step 2: Now you must choose between logging in with an existing account and creating a demo account. Very simple you can find on top of the platform two button to place orders, MetaTrader 4 offers two different types of trading orders: Pending Orders Market Orders. You can do so but only with demo account via Metaquote server which is the developper of MT4 platform.

We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. Cookie Policy. What is MT4. What is MetaTrader 4 In Forex?

Step 2: Set up Your Accounts The next step is to create your accounts. Many of our traders in the Funded Forex Trader Program are very succesful. Would you like to be the next one? If you need to verify your connection status and your update feeds, go to the bottom right corner of the screen. MetaTrader 4 guide found out that this trading platform offers a user interface similar to any other trading platform.

The main window is divided into four areas standing for the different currency pairs you have selected. This area allows you to explore your accounts and create a number of Indicators, Scripts, and Experts Advisors. This area provides the Trade, Account History, Alerts, Mailbox, Experts, and Journal tabs, so you can keep track of all of the occurrences and command your trading activity. With MetaTrader 4 you can customize the charting area by modifying the colors and size of the charts, creating templates and adding indicators, etc.

The result: an interface that fits your own style and needs. A drop-down box for each element is provided with a number of default colors to select from. There is a box where you can check or uncheck each feature. Give it a name for future use. Using MetaTrader 4 you can customize the appearance of the prices on each chart. An alternative procedure would be to select directly the desired icon after clicking on the chart.

You are allowed to close a chart window whenever you want, and also to make it fit the size of the screen as you need. Right-click on the currency pair to select the option close, maximize, minimize or restore you require. Double-click on a tab to switch between one chart and all of them simultaneously. How to use MetaTrader 4 indicators? You may choose and add a number of indicators, time frames, and drawing tools to any price chart. Concerning the time frames, you can go directly to the top toolbar and choose the time frame you want to work with.

For instance, M1 stands by one-minute time frame, M2 is a two-minute time frame, H1 is a one-hour, and so forth. You may also choose and add different Drawing Tools to help you improve your trading activity. Make use of the top toolbar and select from the different icons of drawing tools provided for each one vertical line, horizontal line, trendline, channel, Fibonacci retracement, for instance.

Click on the backspace button of the keyboard. Keep clicking until you have removed the drawing tool. One specific feature of MetaTrader 4 that is an improvement over other online platforms is the possibility to boost automated market analysis with Expert Advisors, Scripts, and Custom Indicators. By using its own code language MetaQuotes Language 4 , the MetaTrader 4 platform allows you to create Expert Advisors which are custom strategies focused on automated trading.

Feel free to connect with the online MQL4 Community if you have any queries or questions regarding the EAs and the like. You can have access to charts, technical tools, and expert advisors in a similar way you would have it on your desktop version. There are more and more brokers offering mobile versions of the MetaTrader 4 platform, not to be left behind at the rapid pace of technological innovation.

The resulting trading activity is a standard MetaTrader 4 experience. A wide range of supporting language means much of the trader duties are done in a familiar environment, with no learning curve involved. Comprehensive integration of Android and iPhone applications with Microsoft system OS remains to be seen, regardless of all the efforts. Make sure if are they are available. Whether it is a demo or a funded account, once you open your account it starts receiving live market data.

Getting off to a good start will depend on knowing when to make emphasis on certain strategies to the exclusion of others. For this reason, it is recommended to check the historical data of your trading activity and to perform backtesting. To achieve all of this, you need to download the daily data in the History Center of MT Finally, enter the maximum number of bars assuming that 60 minutes per hour by 24 hours represents 1,minute bars on a daily basis.

Step 4: Choose the element and time frame of your preference, double-click to fill the database on the right-hand side of the screen. You are also allowed to modify orders when adding a protective stop-loss order or when a take-profit order is needed. This brings up a window that allows you to manually determine the stop loss, or take profit levels.

When you already decided on the profit levels you want to work with, click on the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen so that the trade is finally entered. Finally, you can close a trade whenever the price achieves the stops loss, trailing stop, or take profit level.

The purpose of this MetaTrader 4 Guide is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the powerful MetaTrader 4 platform. Overall, we can say that advanced features such as Expert Advisors, Scripts, and Custom Indicators help you to enhance market analysis and perform automated trading with a couple of clicks. It goes without saying that practice makes perfect, so we invite you to become more familiar with the online MT4 platform and enjoy all of its great features.

We would like to advise you to start trading with one of the best Forex Brokers. MetaTrader 4 is an online financial platform that gives traders the possibility to trade Forex.