claire struthers and better investing
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Claire struthers and better investing nzforex customer rates and ratios

Claire struthers and better investing

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In collecting, the prices have really gone from strength to strength. Craig is a bit more on the practical side of things. The Epoch Times: What have you learned through working together as a married couple? I think if we were both skilled in the same areas, that would create more friction. A lot of what we do is in a tiny little bubble, and you can be seated a matter of feet from someone for a whole day and barely even speak to him. It just kind of absorbs you, and time flies. We could only afford vintage and antique tools, so we were quite limited in what we could do.

Struthers: … not really us. The Epoch Times: Please tell us about your hand-rendered illustrations. But we could draw, so we started with that, and clients love it. So we still start with the drawings and then pass them on to her. We will design from scratch a completely worldwide one-of -a-kind piece for a client. I really enjoyed the challenge of working within those parameters. It was a much larger piece, but that meant that you could work more into it and work more complications into it and rebuild more parts for the movement itself.

Although there are some very cool and beautiful pieces from the s, I feel that from to the s was a real golden era of English, French, German, and Swiss watchmaking. Struthers: From to is my favorite era in watchmaking. The Epoch Times: When your customers come to Struthers, what are they looking for? Some people want something that takes up more of their time as a project. The Epoch Times: Can you tell us how you are preserving traditional watchcase making for future generations?

Struthers: We started off making our own cases. Rebecca has some goldsmith and silversmith skills so she taught me. Then, I thought it would be nice to find someone else involved in case making to share skills with and to perfect some of our work. The way we make cases gives them their character — as opposed to cases being made by a fantastic computer numeric control machine, usually called a CNC, that can do the whole thing in one go and is perfect.

For us, that kind of misses the point. The Epoch Times: And you have an apprentice watchmaker. Struthers: The apprenticeship will be about three years. The problem we have generally in watchmaking, both in the UK and internationally, is that a course will only take you so far. There are very few opportunities for graduate watchmakers to work with someone who will take them to the next level, so that bridge between being a technician and becoming a master watchmaker is a really hard road to go down as there are so few people making things now.

Struthers: I had this impression that in Switzerland they had this huge workforce and the availability of watchmakers and skilled people was plentiful, but having spoken to independent watchmakers in Switzerland and other areas, they seem to have the same issues now. The good thing is not just to rely on the technology. This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

The Struthers work on each project together, and together make "one very, very good watchmaker. Jonny Wilson From their Georgian workshop and studio, master watchmaker Craig Struthers and watchmaker and historian Dr. Struthers has learned from some of the best vintage and antique watch restorers in Britain.

Claire Cleaver The Struthers are pioneers who preserve the past to advance British independent watchmaking. Andy Pilsbury Read the Struthers story of how serendipity brought Rebecca and Craig together in traditional watchmaking and marriage—and how one of them realized a dream.

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