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Forex precog system free download

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Vega is beyond unrealistic and would get her gun and badge taken in real life. There is no way you will meet some random man then allow him to join you on actual cases one in which he kills someone. Lets dissect what will happen in an incident in which a cop kills someone: with the lack of info they have, her badge n gun would be taken and she'd be on leave pending an internal investigation as to how she even knew where he was, why she didn't call for backup, and how a man was pushed over a ledge.

She'd lose her darn badge but nooooo let's let her keep working shall we. She doesn't check in at work so she's working cases without her bosses approval. Then her clothes, you want me; a woman, to believe that Vega can run around in scrunched leather boots with a 3inch heel in tight Skinnies, boobs on display, a tight leather jacket and run and jump off of fire escapes and not rip a hole or hurt her ankle?

Are we THAT stupid!! These precogs He pics her because??? The whole explanation of Vega's mother having a baby why? Yea I'll believe that. Somewhere Olivia Benson is rolling her eyes Tom Cruise is rolling his and I'm rolling mine. Half way through this god awful second episode I just walked away.

It's just not good and it had potential but I'm sick of seeing these procedural cop shows where one cop is like super awesome Megan good is under 5ft and she took down a 6ft man No one is as dumb as she is as a cop, no one and if they are remove them asap!! Ajones47 15 August The sinking feeling starts within five minutes of viewing, wherein the interesting setup is dumped in favour of a generic setup we've all seen dozens of times before.

Strip away the sci-fi trappings and you're left with yet another police procedural 'spiced-up' by the presence of a 'unique' quirky partner. Genuinely a shame, what an absolute waste of potential. The one highlight was seeing 'Fez' from 'That 70s Show' acting in something, possibly the worst part was that he was the best actor in the show. Don't bother rosebudfr 16 August This means that the show has to clumsily explain in its first few minutes, through a boring and unimaginative voice-over, the premise and everything that has happened before, rather than surprising and challenging us with slowly making sense of this future world - one of the great pleasures a film or starting TV show has to offer.

It's like the producers had thought: 'Hey, let's spoil the mystery as soon as possible! This also means that everything that was really different, and morally challenging, in the film has been abolished, to give us a future world where the only difference are the gadgets. Is there any such thing as 'the future'? You'll have a very hard time finding these issues in the TV show that bears the same name.

Rather than trying to grapple with the notion of determinism vs. Shows like this really give a bad name to TV series adaptations, giving fresh ammo to the people who say that movie versions are always better. Can't argue with them on this one.

Really, you've been there, you've seen it all, CBS has tons of these kinds of shows. The characters, lead or secondary, are uninspired, unbelievable mediocrities, the acting is flat, the squeaky clean, bright, sugar-coated aesthetics of the show are insipid and a far cry from the movie's, while the writing is lazy e.

There is no tension or conflict in this, no antagonism of any kind among the characters, no character flaws to be detected they just want to help people out you see , no conflict with authority, no nothing. Just good-looking, smartly dressed folks who live in awesome apartments and want to do good, because that's what people want to watch right? That being said, I've always hated the aforementioned shows except MediuM , so I might be biased here. The film concluded with the idea that it was wrong to preventively arrest people because you can't really know what the future will be like, but the show is not interested AT ALL in that kind of stuff - the people Precrime had arrested really were criminals it turns out, and let's just go stop the baddies already.

In spite of the slick production design, it all feels kind of cheesy - emotionally cheesy, psychologically cheesy, and even sometimes literally cheesy see the scene when the cops "drop out" on the suspect in the factory. You do actually feel like a precog while watching this - you know everything that's going to happen. I can even foresee the future of this show - cancelled after a few episodes.

Really what is the point of adapting a movie if you're going to discard the most intriguing parts of it a Philip K. Dick idea for heaven's sake and just dumb down the whole thing? Really, don't bother. Soulless and not likely to last UncleTantra 12 August Set 10 years after the events of the movie, the Precrime division has been abolished and the three precogs have been set free, but hidden away from society.

Arthur, Agatha, and Dash still sense crimes before they are committed, but are not permitted to do anything about it. So Dash goes vigilante and tries to do it on his own. Without Tom Cruise and the other big stars of the original film, this series looks like a one-season wonder, if that. It's wooden and devoid of interesting characters, which in a way is good because the actors they've chosen wouldn't be capable of portraying interesting characters. The series seems aimed at adolescent gamers who see a bunch of future-computer special effects and go Wow!

Like good writing or characterization. Thumbs down. This is cop procedural dreck, including such moldy oldies as the miss matched partners comprised of a "fish out of water" white guy with all the answers paired with streetwise black female cop. Unfortunately the writing is so trite and unimaginative you'll see every twist coming.

Her performance is completely broad and two dimensional. Good delivers her character like she just stepped out of a sitcom. She shows no depth, comes across completely unbelievable as a detective and demonstrates such limited emotional range she comes across like corporate spokesmodel. All in all Minority Report the Series tarnishes the memory of the movie, which, though entertaining, was no Spielberg classic to begin with. Spielberg should get out of television productions all together and focus on directing great movies.

Compared to recent surge of sci-fi series, Minority Report is looking more refined with clearly better production. However, this doesn't have the same thrilling spirit from Tom Cruise's action thriller. The precognition concept has been reduced to typical paranormal investigation like that of Tru Calling or first season of Heroes. In fact, this may have had more buzz if it aired a decade ago. If you're not familiar with the source, or understandably forget the story, the show opens with brief narrative about the movie.

In near future authority used precog system by plugging three siblings into a machine, a mix between psychic and technology to determine crime before it happened. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise proved that it had flaws and the project was scratched. One of the siblings, Dash Stark Sands now leads a normal witness protection life, but he still has the clairvoyance gift.

With the help of a female police officer Lara Vega Meagan Good he helps solve crime in a rather timid sci-fi crime drama. The cast is leaning towards light comedy than thriller, which is perhaps intentionally made to suit the series. The problem is the two leads don't mesh together well. Stark Sands has the quirky savant look, but he doesn't possess the on-screen presence for a capable lead. Flash and Mr. Robot have intelligent character that work for them, sadly that's not the case here.

Meegan Good is attractive for the lead female, but she's an odd choice for tough female role. While she does look fit, it doesn't translate to serious femme fatale personality. Its change to more humorous tone is different from the futuristic noir of the movie, it's not bad and probably better to accommodate TV series.

It does rely too much on casual cop spectacle, yet doesn't really have the draw or chemistry such as Castle. Not to mention the use of psychic is getting old, the foreshadowing gimmick feels like a puzzle played too many times. The presentation is impeccable though. It's obvious that the show invests a lot on making the world looks brightly inviting. The details for gadgetry, environment and investigation are splendid.

This world definitely could work for foundation for TV series, although the narrative and characters are not as intriguing. This adaption of TV series is much much weaker than the original movie starred by Tom Cruise. I am a big fan of the original movie. Very smart plot and great acting.

The female leading character is unlikable, maintains a weird pretentious tense facial expression the whole time. Sometimes she tries to do something with her lips, to make a sexy look, I guess. But she can't pull it off. The development of the characters are done poorly. It doesn't make sense why they behave the way they do. The technology in this movie is visually fancy, but very unrealistic. I know it's a sci-fi, but some technology in this movie just doesn't make sense.

There seems to be a trend of adapting successful movies into TV series. Maybe it's too hard for the writers to come up with new ideas. The plots can't match the original movie, either. Overall, very disappointed. Unfortunately, as compelling as the title is, the association to the movie ends there. This show is a dry, regurgitated old formula that serves up a stale excuse for yet another crime solving series.

There is nothing inherently wrong with that, if you are willing to be creative with it. The show in this case doesn't even spend time on fleshing out and developing the juicier imagination picking questions that the movie raised.

Unfortunately the show takes place a decade after the movie and misses out on what is likely a whole season of potential. Kill it now. Well, well, well I do believe Fox is just trying to air anything just to fill the slots in the summer vacation. To be quite fair the pilot wasn't that bad yet it wasn't really good!! As for The Cast,, Stark Sands was just okay his face in feeling fear was fine but other than that it was senseless, Meagan Good is lovely but i think she should be more concerned about the other new show "Mr.

Robinson" and just be more active on it,.. Wilmer Valderrama is okay too. Overall,, the pilot went much lower than i expected and i advise no one to pursue watching this.. Saying this has a "terrible story" just from 1 episode is rather impulsive of people. You've no idea how it'll go, well unless you are a psychic. Rest is just assumption. So sit down your butts for a bit there. It's not a totally garbage show as most complainers have been saying.

It's OK. Acting is top notch? But it's OK, nothing terrible about it. Is the show original? But who cares? Most of the shows on TV are rehashed. You cannot expect writers to pop out originals all the time. It might get better, or become worse. Although it's likely it'll get cancelled. Why Bother I was mildly excited upon hearing about this show, but then considering they already canceled one futuristic cop show "Almost Human" which was a fairly enjoyable show, I failed to see why we need another one.

Unfortunately my low expectations were rewarded with a run by the numbers, "yet another cop buddy" show. Oh dear me, they took one of the pre-cogs and turned him into what can only be seen as a replacement for Tom Cruise with the ability to see bits of the future himself. The police partner is very poorly represented by Meagan Good, with a typically cast technician by Li Jun Li. Neither have any on screen presence and the inclusion of one original cast member is a poor attempt to relate to the movie.

All suspense, acting and good script from the movie has been totally stripped out of this show with what can only be described as an empty shell of a show, with some glossy special effects for good measure. I really hope they don't make anything more than just this poor pilot episode. Go watch Mr Robot instead to see how a well written show looks!

Minority Report the movie was reasonably good and worth watching. This is quite simply is not. Essentially a show about one of the clairvoyants from the original movie now acting as a consultant to the police 10 years after the future crimes division was disbanded.

The story lines are predictable and dull, some of the acting is merely okay maybe a C-, and the rest is just stilted and terrible. Maybe it's not the actors, but the script they are given to work with. Evidently the budget was entirely blown on CGI effects and not on story, dialog, or writing. It's difficult to describe just how bad it is. I can't even recommend watching it as an example of what terrible looks like, it's just that difficult to sit through.

Frankly, I'd be very surprised if this stinker makes it through the first season without being canceled. Surely the networks can do better than this. Phillip Dick liked the adaptation of Blade Runner because it depicted a dark apocalyptic universe, and Minority Report carried this through with world washed out by an iodide film process used in other movies, like Pitch Black when futures were depicted.

There's s some of that here, but the world is far too bright to be meaningful. And the plots? How much "just in time" can we stand week after week, it will be the same old story unless they can figure some defining arc that gathers interest. Otherwise, this series will last about three episodes before biting the dust. Which would be a shame. In know saying its "OK" is perhaps something of a cop out but I'm often inclined to go with my first reaction to a film or television series.

Minority Report, the series, leads on from the film focusing on one of the three Precogs who are freed from the PreCrime unit at the end of the film. Precog Dash returns to society to help prevent murders, teaming up with a female detective and her associates.

The story is set in the latter part of the 21st century and has a glitzy, rather overly optimistic feel about it. The world is sparkly clean, with a future society that looks a little like a gadget ridden shopping mall. The notion of being monitored is painted as somehow benevolent, as is GE food. Yeah OK. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Trading Forex Pak Budi Forex Success System 5 3 The service allows traders to use a private server for organizing trading in the forex market.

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Guru Sunday, 12 July I would really be helpfull to everyone. Roman Sunday, 14 June Semafor Yellowbox , 2. Ultimate Arrow Black Arrow , 3. Breakout Signal White Arrow. Many Thanks for developer. Im trying Projiections Future Winning, Its easy to look bars and understand quickly. I think that I try them 1 month time demo. I send more Information later. I apply all the ex4 files in the folder but still can't found any arrow in mt4, really appreciate if someone can tell me Michael Thursday, 12 December Hi, How is everyone finding these?

Which are working best? MB Tuesday, 10 December Which of these is working best the first one looks very effective? Jesse Saturday, 30 November Simply amazed and grateful for such a great system. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Lich Saturday, 09 November Does FS30 in template "projections future winning do repaint?

Serkan Thursday, 07 November I don't know how you did it, but frankly I'm amazed. Very successful system. Thank you. Jeff Sunday, 18 August This is one of the best post based on the zigzag trading, Congratulations to the author!!

Daniel Sunday, 18 August Caliber Tuesday, 16 July Hi, i like the first version you put up here. Do you still have the indicators for that and the tpl? Many thanks in advance. CuTi Tuesday, 04 June Hi Janus, please I will like to connect with you and discuss with you. Can you help with your whatsapp number? Tonny sosa Saturday, 27 April Joao Tuesday, 23 April Hello, can someone help me on what do do when there are 2 oposing signals the square with the arrow inside just a few candles apart?

Sal Saturday, 16 March Great Job it' s free. God bless you. The last version of this trading strategy is very impressive. This version is simple to drive. Why don't you teach everyone that the MM is like a pyramid? Fred Clintton Sunday, 10 March Samuel Sunday, 24 February With this system my trading is changed no longer use martingale I'm more comfortable if I lose because I make many winnings and if you can manage the position the pips won can be many.

You are very good you should do a webinar on this system that helps you win. I'm very happy because I started winning constantly. God bless you!!!! Janus Sunday, 24 February Giuseppe Sunday, 24 February Could you have a scanner on signals, on time frames and currencies? This is a cyclometric strategy based on the zig zag. It takes time to get used to it.

I'm testing a new indicator to add to balance the mental void that can create the zig zag. Kamil Wednesday, 20 February Hello Janus I can not see white arrows when Gann indicator changes color, can someone help me? Hello, it would be nice if there was a warning alert for the operation.

I will comment on results. Igor Friday, 15 February This system is better than commercial. More solid. The histogram of the MACD is a great help. DZ Gann is phenomenal. I think that this system with the update is starting to be interesting also from the minute time frame. Margaret Sunday, 10 February Zig Zag signals filtered by multi time frame and projections future.

Submit by Janus Trader Projections Future Forex System is trading system based on the Zig Zag indicator then is a cyclometric forex strategy based on the number 3 the perfect number. Metatrader 4 Indicators: Simple orizzontal grid Heiken Aschi 3 level ZZ semafor 5, 13, 34, 1,3, 8,5 ,21,12, ,, Trading Rules Projections Future Forex System If you want to trade in a time frame of 5 min, 15 min, 30 min or H1, always in the direction of the 4H or daily time frame.

Stop loss below the previous swing Profit Target on the level on the grid discretionary. Projections Future Forex System. Final update Projections Future Forex System. Projections Future Forex System last upd. Prediction Future stable version. Metatrader Indicators Bollinger Bands Stop 18, 2. Buy 1 Zig Zag Buy arrow in the red square. Optional 7 The best trading opportunities occur in the oversold areas of the Nostromo pivot levels Sell 1 Zig Zag sell arrow in the red square. Optional 7 The best trading opportunities occur in areas of overbought of Nostromo pivot levels.

Projections Future stable version.

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