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Discord offentliga aktier

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Under Panel Channel , make sure to select your support tickets channel. After adding the correct channel as your Panel Channel , select Create panel. Here are a few things you can and should edit. Under General , you can edit the Support Team Roles again, which are the users who can answer and close created tickets. Below, you can add additional Roles. You can also set a Ticket Limit per user, which means how many tickets one user can create and so on.

I suggest playing around with these settings until you find a perfect fit for your server. In your Category Options , make sure to set the Category Open and Closed dialogue boxes to the type of channel your support channel is in, in my case that would be Information.

In the Ticket Message tab, you can edit the automatic ticket messages when a user interacts with the Ticket Tool to create a new support ticket. Select Edit Ticket Message. Here, write some text along the lines of:. We will try to resolve your ticket as fast as possible.

Here, use a custom embed description if you want to. Restart your bot and then send the command to a channel your bot has access to. If all goes well, you should see something like this:. You've successfully sent a response to a slash command! This is only the beginning, there's more to look out for so let's move on to further ways of replying to a command!

You may not always want everyone who has access to the channel to see a slash command's response. Thankfully, Discord implemented a way to hide messages from everyone but the executor of the slash command.

This type of message is called ephemeral and can be set by using ephemeral: true in the InteractionReplyOptions , as follows:. After you've sent an initial response, you may want to edit that response for various reasons. This can be achieved with the CommandInteraction editReply method:. After the initial response, an interaction token is valid for 15 minutes, so this is the timeframe in which you can edit the response and send follow-up messages.

As previously mentioned, you have three seconds to respond to an interaction before its token becomes invalid. But what if you have a command that performs a task which takes longer than three seconds before being able to reply? This allows you 15 minutes to complete your tasks before responding. If you have a command that performs longer tasks, be sure to call deferReply as early as possible.

Replying to slash commands is great and all, but what if you want to send multiple responses instead of just one? Follow-up messages got you covered, you can use CommandInteraction followUp to send multiple responses:.

Interaction responses can use masked links e. In this section, we'll cover how to access the values of a command's options. Let's assume you have a command that contains the following options:. You can get these options from the CommandInteractionOptionResolver as shown below:. If you want the Snowflake of a structure instead, grab the option via get and access the Snowflake via the value property.

If you have a command that contains subcommands, you can parse them in a very similar way as to the above examples. The following snippet details the logic needed to parse the subcommands and respond accordingly using the CommandInteractionOptionResolver getSubcommand method:. In addition to replying to a slash command, you may also want to delete the initial reply.

You can use CommandInteraction deleteReply for this:. Lastly, you may require the Message object of a reply for various reasons, such as adding reactions. You can use the CommandInteraction fetchReply method to fetch the Message instance of an initial response:. Slash commands Registering slash commands Discord provides developers with the option to create client-integrated slash commands.

TIP This page assumes you use the same file structure as our command handling section. TIP Global commands are cached for one hour. TIP The slash command builder has a method for each of these types respectively. TIP You need at least one slash command registered on your application to continue with the instructions on this page. WARNING After the initial response, an interaction token is valid for 15 minutes, so this is the timeframe in which you can edit the response and send follow-up messages.

Guide Bot Bot Pong! TIP Interaction responses can use masked links e.

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