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Twitter going public ipo

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B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Special Supplements. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Twitter IPO: Why is this company going public? By Michael Hiltzik. Michael Hiltzik. Follow Us twitter instagram email facebook. There are news stories everywhere! How can I not be excited? No, wait. No offense! So, why do I keep hearing that IPOs are important?

IPOs are important — for the company involved and its employees. It means maturity, and it usually means a lot of money is on the way. That takes a lot of preparation. The whole world can change between the time a company says it wants to go public and when it actually does. As an example: during the last tech boom, hundreds of companies filed to go public in late When you buy a share of a company, you own a little piece of it. They have to listen to me!

Well, not so fast. Size means power. The mutual fund has more shares of Microsoft, so it has more power. It can use its shares to vote at the annual shareholder meeting. But even that power is limited. So, sorry, you were explaining why IPOs take so long. That sounds crazy! The company puts all of that in a public filing that you can find on SEC. The companies leave things out, like how much they'll raise.

Those amounts are usually meaningless. Then the SEC reads that, and tells the company to fix things up: more information here, more disclosure there. Then the SEC reads the next draft and sends it back. That keeps going for months. Buy our stock! Is that the only thing that happens during all those months? All those drafts? That takes weeks too. Not exactly. It just means the bankers found out more exactly how much people would be willing to pay. They go on the road, visiting three or five or 20 cities, all full of investors who control millions of dollars.

The purpose of the roadshow is to get an idea of how much investors would be willing to pay, and to pitch the company as a great investment. They can be. When Kraft went public, in , it gave investors big baskets of Kraft foods like Oreos and macaroni and cheese. Capitalism can be tasty. Wait, but you said sometimes the filing shows the company is not such a great investment. The bankers try to answer without making the company look bad.

After that, the bankers go around and ask the investors how many shares they would buy and how for how much. And then the market value of a company, of course, is just how many outstanding shares it has multiplied by the price of those shares. The bankers also talk about comparable companies, in Twitter's case Facebook, Zynga and other social media. Between the comps and the investor meetings, the bankers figure out what an acceptable price might be for a company like Twitter. But the move could be a combination of things.

The first is that the bankers are selling something, right? Then, after asking more people, they found they had enough demand to raise the price.

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Twitter Inc (TWTR) IPO: Watch Social Media Giant Go Public At NYSE

Twitter closed up nearly 73% after its public debut on Nov. 7, The stock is still down 38% from its all-time high in February Some. Musk said he plans to stage an initial public offering of Twitter in as little as three years of buying it, according to people familiar with. Twitter has officially become a publicly traded company. The seven-year-old social network started offering shares on the New York Stock.