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In addition, FTAI believes that there are a large number of acquisition opportunities in its target sectors and that its Manager's expertise and business and financing relationships, together with its access to capital, will allow FTAI to take advantage of these opportunities. FTAI intends to pay regular quarterly dividends from cash available for distribution.

FTAI believes that market developments around the world are generating significant opportunities for the acquisition of infrastructure and equipment essential to the transportation industry. Global trade growth has consistently outpaced global GDP growth over the last three decades and has fueled a large and growing demand for both cargo and passenger-related transportation infrastructure and equipment.

At the same time, significant market dislocations are providing tremendous new investment opportunities. Traditional capital providers such as governments and European banks are not keeping pace with the need for long-term capital to support the industry, and FTAI believes this shortage will continue for years to come. FTAI's Infrastructure Business acquires long-life assets or operating businesses that provide mission-critical services or functions to transportation networks and typically have high barriers to entry, strong margins, stable cash flows and upside from earnings growth and asset appreciation driven by increased use and inflation.

FTAI's Equipment Leasing Business acquires assets that are designed to carry cargo or people or provide functionality to transportation infrastructure. Transportation equipment is typically long-lived, moveable and leased by FTAI to companies that provide transportation services on either operating leases or finance leases.

FTAI's leases generally provide for long-term contractual cash flow with high cash-on-cash yields and may include structural protections to mitigate credit risk. FTAI believes that its existing asset base provides stable cash flow generation with over half of its revenue contracted and the remainder coming from markets with stable or growing demand outlook. Competition The business of acquiring, managing and marketing transportation and transportation-related infrastructure assets is highly competitive.

Market competition for acquisition opportunities includes traditional transportation and infrastructure companies, commercial and investment banks, as well as a growing number of non-traditional participants, such as hedge funds, private equity funds, and other private investors. These competitors include engine and aircraft parts manufacturers, aircraft and aircraft engine lessors, airline and aircraft services and repair companies, aircraft spare parts distributors, offshore services providers, maritime equipment lessors, shipping container lessors, container shipping lines, and other transportation and infrastructure equipment lessors.

FTAI competes with other market participants on the basis of industry knowledge, availability of capital, and deal structuring experience and flexibility, among other things. FTAI believes its Manager's experience in the transportation and the transportation-related infrastructure industry, and its access to capital, in addition to its focus on diverse asset classes and customers provides a competitive advantage versus competitors that maintain a single sector focus.

In addition, FTAI intends to use the net proceeds for follow-on investments in its existing assets, working capital and other general corporate purposes. There are no unattributed direct quotes in this article. Disclosure: The author has no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

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