discover financial layoff
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Discover financial layoff

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Close Navigation. My Company. Polls Browse by: Companies Keywords. Company Reviews Salaries. Privacy and Terms. Home Layoffs. May 2 17 Comments. You're safe. Greatest perk is unbeatable WLB. Biggest disadvantage is very low compensation. If you just want to retire but still make an income, go Discover. If you just want to make a paycheck while giving the least effort possible, go Discover.

If you're ambitious and want to grow your career, skip Discover. You are right. DNA leadership has no clue what they want their employees to do. Very high attrition rate so work is always getting thrown to the rest of us.

How stable is the data and analytics group at Discover. As far as I know, that is a faster growing group. No topic is a taboo here, Speak up freely on anything from secret layoffs, corporates let go of employees without severance, robots taking over your job, factory shutdowns, white collar automation, forced to resign so company can avoid labor department, discuss unemployment benefits to literally everything at the workplace.

Check us out on Producthunt. Been laid off? Add Filters. Discover Financial Services Layoffs. Is this data verified? What is the source of this data then? Why do this? When latest did Discover Financial Services let go their employees? Discover Financial Services reportedly laid off last on. What type of employees of Discover Financial Services were affected?

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Discover Financial Services Layoffs: Downsizing related discussion, postings, questions and answers. The Layoff discussion - User says: `` BT 5% Layoffs Q4 + Q1 '' regarding Discover Financial Services. When latest did Discover Financial Services let go their employees? Discover Financial Services reportedly laid off last on September 15,