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Jonathan wilson investing the pyramid pdf995

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By: Jonathan Wilson. A mazy dribble through the recent history of European soccer, showing how shifting styles and influence have shaped the game. In the early s, the Dutch footballing philosophy was worshiped across the continent. Then the baton passed to the Italians, who clearly boasted Europe's strongest league. But when France started winning everything at international level its national academy became the template for others, until suddenly, almost out of nowhere, Europe's most revered player and manager both hailed from Portugal.

By: Michael W. Marcelo Bielsa is one of football's greatest eccentrics and greatest enigmas. This is the first English biography of one of football's most contradictory characters. A definitive and comprehensive biography, from growing up in Argentina under a military dictatorship to reviving the stricken power of Leeds United. By: Tim Rich. This audiobook represents the first time in the modern era that a writer has got this close to one of the elite teams of world football.

At the invitation of Pep Guardiola, he shadowed the Catalan, his staff and his superstar players during training and on matchdays. Bayern smashed domestic records on their way to the double, but were humiliated by Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final. By: Marti Perarnau. He had long been admired in the Premiership and was finally wooed by Liverpool in the belief he could bring back the glory days to the Kop.

Klopp is revered as a master tactician with his own unique playing philosophies. By: Elmar Neveling. In Inverting the Pyramid , Jonathan Wilson pulls apart the finer details of the world's game, tracing the global history of tactics, from modern pioneers right back to the beginning when chaos reigned. Along the way, he looks at the lives of great players and thinkers who shaped the sport and probes why the English, in particular, have 'proved themselves unwilling to grapple with the abstract'.

It also analyses the tactical evolution of Pep Guardiola, the increasing alternatives to possession-based football and the changing role of the goalkeeper, as well as investigating the trend of full-backs developing into midfielders and the consequent return of three at the back. Extremely detailed and well documented work by Jonathan Wilson. I really enjoyed every transition through the history of football.

The start is very slow but the book gets better as you advance. A must for every football fan that wants to understand the evolution of this sport. Probably need a pen amd pad to listen to this, so many names and dates made it all a bit difficult to keep on track.

After hearing Jonathan Wilson on the brilliant Tifo Podcast, I decided to listen to the book, and oh boy I wasn't disappointed. Between hearing the tales of how the English and Scottish Game diverged, to how the coffee house culture of Hungary and central Europe came to dominate the game of the 's and 30's, and how they shocked England into recognising that they were no longer the best footballing side in the world with a defeat to Hungary.

But my favourite bit of the book was the chapters centered around Russian Football. Massilov excuse my horrific spelling and Lobanovskyi's stories were incredibly interesting. Looking forward to reading more of Wilson's work. There was a lot of detail in this book , many, many names and dates, delivered with relish for their local accent , it felt a bit of a marathon at times. That said, if you are interested to understand how systems of play have evolved and why, the social background that led to them , this is a good book for you - an accomplished reference to get to grips with positional tactics.

Detailed and extensively researched. Interesting narratives which consider broader historical trends across countries as well as across time. Meticulous researched and excellently written, Jonathan Wilson provides a thorough overview of football tactics linking trends, styles and systems between coaches and their influences from England in s to Bayern Munich in I became hooked and longed for more, particularly on the current game.

I must admit that I found I had to commit to get through some of the detailed analysis, for example, of Argentinian football in the s, but that is the purpose of the book, a wide-ranging and detailed examination of the world game. With these passages it would have been a highlights package - more thrilling, but lacking the whole picture. An excellent listen. Thank you. This is definitely the book about football tactics. Mind that it's not a manual or anything, it's more of a story about the ideas how football should be played and how they have been developing in time and why.

So this book is packed with facts, stories, names, and countries to the point it starts resembling a suitcase with a bit too much clothes in it or a crazy wall from a detective series. Here come the only remarks I have: it was really helpful to add a pdf with the photos from the printed edition, but it would have helped me much more if it had included tactical schemes of the matches mentioned instead. And the narrator, unfortunately, struggles with most of the non-English words.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't the heart to blame anyone for mispronouncing Dutch, Hungarian, or Russian surnames, especially when they are coming in dozens, but I do feel he could have done his work better in this regard. Apart from that, the narration is good and the book makes a really good listen. This is beautifully written history of football tactics. Self indulgent in all the best ways. I loved it. Excellent details into tactics from the begining of English football to the dominance of Barcelonas Tic-a-tac style.

Not always knowing the players was different when learning about Austrian, Danish or other forgotten teams, but it was worth listening to the end. I really loved this book all the way through. Great history and well narrated.

One thing you know is that, when reading a book by Jonathan Wilson, you will come out the other end better for it. He truly is on another level. David Ashton Contributor ,. Sergio Levinsky Contributor ,. Ben Mabley Contributor. Ben Shave Contributor ,. Federico Farcomeni Contributor ,. Sid Lowe ,. Miguel Delaney ,. Graham Hunter. Philippe Auclair ,. Michael Petrak ,. Tom Adams. Jonathan Wilson editor ,. David Conn contributor ,. Tim Vickery contributor. Cyrus Philbrick Contributor ,.

Philippe Auclair Contributor ,. Roy Henderson Contributor. Firdose Moonda Contributor ,. Colin Udoh Contributor ,. James Montague Goodreads Author Contributor. Rob Smyth ,. Iain Macintosh ,. Michael Walker Contributor. Sean Carroll ,. James Corbett ,. Michael Cox. Jonathan Wilson ,. Luke Alfred ,.

Joachim Barbier. Ben Lyttleton ,.